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Libby Wright, author of Your Healthy Life Concierge blog


Libby Wright, mother of four who homeschools, is an original founder of in 2010. She suffered through challenging diseases including Interstitial Cystitis, Graves and Lyme. After years of little progress with traditional medicine, she pursued integrative medicine, applied what she learned, and got healthier. She became passionate about wanting others to experience the same "relief" she had come to know, and was born. She is now managing her illness with a lot of prayer, a lot of nutrition/supplements, and a little prescription medicine. She has been able to resume her normal life and, while there is no cure for her particular conditions, she is able to cope, enjoy every day, and encourage others.

Blog Posts

Webinar: What About Water?

Posted: 01-17-2017

Facilitator Libby Wright discusses the role of hydration in weight loss with participants of the Your Best Weight program. She provides practical tips for getting proper hydration that everyone can do. The webinar last for 21 minutes and addresses questions submitted by the program participants.

Webinar: Better Sleep Tonight!

Posted: 01-17-2017

Facilitator Libby Wright interviews Dr. Jamie Wright who discusses the role of sleep in weight loss with participants of the Your Best Weight online education program. Dr. Wright is a board certified physician with a Masters Degree in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine. The webinar last for 29 minutes and addresses questions submitted by the program participants.

Webinar: Four Letter Word for F.O.O.D.

Posted: 01-17-2017

Facilitator Libby Wright discusses the unhealthy types of food typically consumed in the S.A.D (Standard American Diet) with participants of the Your Best Weight online education program. She provides alternative food choices and recipes that are nutritious and taste great along with supplement recommendations including meal replacement protein shakes. The webinar last for 17 minutes and addresses questions submitted by the program participants.

Webinar: Eight and One Half Steps to Relieve Stress

Posted: 01-17-2017

Facilitator Libby Wright discusses the physiological effects of stress and how we perceive situations with participants of the Your Best Weight program. She provides practical tips for managing stress that everyone can do.. The webinar last for 16 minutes and addresses questions submitted by the program participants.

an aged woman stretches outdoors
Tip 7- Let's Get Physical

Posted: 09-15-2016

Time to get physical! Your body needs to move, even if it's just a little bit! Learn more in part seven of this blog series entitled Seven Tips For Balanced Living.

sleeping brain cartoon
Tip 6: Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Posted: 09-12-2016

Sleep is a biological requirement. Take some time to get to bed on time this week! Learn more in part six of this blog series entitled Seven Tips For Balanced Living.

a boy without manners sits at the table with his sister
Tip 5: Listen to your Mother, and Mind your Manners

Posted: 09-10-2016

Here's one simple step that will help you feel better after eating! Learn more in part five of this blog series entitled Seven Tips For Balanced Living.

a young couple breathing outside
Tip 4: Take a Breath

Posted: 09-06-2016

One of the best ways to exercise is through breathing! Learn more in part four of this blog series entitled Seven Tips For Balanced Living.

a woman holds arms out in field
Tip 3: I Will Not Be Mastered!

Posted: 09-02-2016

Manage your eating habits. Learn more in part three of this blog series entitled Seven Tips For Balanced Living.

a car engine is isolated on a white background
Tip 2: No Oil in the Engine is Bad

Posted: 08-30-2016

Think about the definition of Supplements. It means that they supplement for a lack of something. Learn more in part two of this blog series entitled Seven Tips For Balanced Living.

man with hand on heart telling truth
Tip 1: Honesty is the Best Policy

Posted: 08-29-2016

Learn how to track your eating and find the best foods for yourself in this blog series entitled Seven Tips To Balanced Living.

a checklist of diet foods
Repeat The Following...

Posted: 08-09-2016

Struggling with bad foods? Here's how to beat the temptation!

New Years Resolutions Calendar
Every Goal Needs a Tool

Posted: 07-23-2016

Do you have a weight loss goal? How are you planning for it? Without a plan, you will almost certainly fail.

logo from Mom Colored Glasses online magazine
The Real Meaning of Comfort

Posted: 07-20-2016

This week I had the opportunity to share a bit of my story in the online magazine Mom Colored Glasses1. It's what I've learned in a nutshell through overcoming chronic illness over the last 5 years or so. The Magazine has lots of great and interesting topics that I'm sure many of my readers will enjoy and I highly recommend it to all of you.

Aged woman Sleeping Peacefully
Sleep Like a Baby

Posted: 07-15-2016

Did you know one of the best ways you can overcome sleep issues is by changing your evening habits?

Diet Failure: Part 3 - Deadlines Can Make You Fat!

Posted: 07-09-2016

Stress is the ultimate diet killer and can make us hold onto the weight.

illustration of an aqua-colored puffer fish
Diet Failure: Part 2 - Do I Look Puffy to You?

Posted: 07-07-2016

What role does inflammation play in difficulty with weight loss? This second post of a three-part blog series examines the three main reasons "dieting" fails.

Diet Failure: Part 1 - Food Groups According to Elf

Posted: 07-01-2016

Ever feel like you (or your family) likes to stick to the classic four main food groups of ELVES? This first post of a three-part blog series examines the three main reasons "dieting" fails.

Smile, Life is Good- The Ultimate Stress Busters!

Posted: 05-29-2016

One of my goals this year is to continue to ratchet down my stress levels. Stress is not good for anyone, but it's especially dangerous for those with chronic disease.

Jesus at the Temple
New Mercies Each Morning

Posted: 05-21-2016

It would be great, wouldn't it, if our daily life was wrapped up like a TV sitcom.

Assorted Fruit and Vegetables
Evolution of Dinner: Part 5 - The Renaissance of Mealtime

Posted: 05-11-2016

Learning I had an autoimmune disease changed my life. One practical way we changed was mealtime!

Gross Fat Food
Evolution of Dinner: Part 4 - The Dark Ages

Posted: 05-10-2016

Yes, we too lived through the "Dark Ages" of dinnertime. We went for convenience foods, and that set us back a few centuries!

Hispanic Family Eating Together
Evolution of Dinner: Part 3 - Hunter Gatherer

Posted: 05-09-2016

Have you ever considered team meal preparation? By cooking large volumes, and trading with friends, you can reduce your meal preparation time significantly!

Evolution of Dinner: Part 2 - New Traditions

Posted: 05-08-2016

Break out of the Standard American Diet (SAD), and get happy with new healthy food traditions.

fast foods that are fried and saturated with unhealthy fat and oils
Evolution of Dinner: Part 1 - Raw Ingredients

Posted: 05-07-2016

We weren't always the "healthy eating family". We used to eat plenty of processed foods and fast food including frozen foods, sugar laden desserts, and plenty of processed junk. So, I'll be blogging for the next few days on our Evolution of Dinner...

black woman drinking a glass of water on porch
Simple Tips for Proper Hydration

Posted: 05-03-2016

Getting enough water has numerous health benefits including combating fatigue, loosing weight, and flushing toxins out of your body. Follow these east hydration tips and reap the benefits!

Assortment of Fresh Berries and Nuts on Table
Quick Healthy Snacks

Posted: 05-01-2016

Today I'd like to remind you that it's easy to do something healthy for yourself. Especially in the snacking department!

Young Caucasian Woman Looking into Well Stocked Cupboard
Pantry Panic

Posted: 04-03-2016

What do you do when your adorable kindergartner tells you it's snack day 10 minutes before school and you don't keep processed food around anymore? Panic, then...

batch of fresh baked peanut butter cookies
Grandma's Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

Posted: 04-01-2016

As promised, here's one of our occasional, special treats. Enjoy!

Unhappy Woman holding pill with water
Antibiotics Contributing to Obesity?

Posted: 03-27-2016

Your intestinal tract, AKA "the gut" is becoming something more and more scientists are paying attention to for a wide variety of illnesses and long term health issues. Antibiotics may be helpful at times but need to taken with precaution.

Elderly Woman Checking Food Label
#1 Weight Loss Tip- Don't Read the Labels

Posted: 03-20-2016

Many people ask what diet we recommend, and the answer is simpler, and less expensive than you might first believe.

Child's Knee Covered with Band aid
One Second of Relief!

Posted: 03-15-2016

Many people believe that changing their lives has to be some big, dramatic, "AHA!" moment, but very often it's not that at all. It's a small change or two that can revolutionize a life.

Workers Repairing Power Lines
New Kind of Detox

Posted: 03-05-2016

The noise of the world around us can create a toxic environment, especially as we try to drift off to sleep.

Glass of water with Lemon
Free Weight Loss Tool!

Posted: 03-03-2016

Did you know you have a free, easily accessible weight loss tool right in your home? This tool can help you lose the unwanted pounds, and keep you feeling tuned up.

Glass of soda with prohibition symbol
Top 5 Reasons You Should Avoid Diet Drinks!

Posted: 02-29-2016

Here's a question I got recently from the blog on water and hydration: "Is diet soda really bad for you?"

Stressed, Middle-aged man sitting at His Desk with a large stack of papers.
One of THOSE Days

Posted: 02-25-2016

Here's the truth, Mamma Said There'd Be Days Like This, and Mamma was right. Here's the way a morning unfolded in my life, and the way I was reminded to be thankful in all circumstances.

Happy young asian family eating a healthy meal together at table.
5 Super Mom Tips for Supper Time

Posted: 02-20-2016

"Mom, what's for supper? The dreaded question of the day, but don't worry- you can get out of the monotonous cycle of meal preparation with a little planning.

Fish Oil Pills Held by Spoon
Something's Fishy- Tastes like Skittles???

Posted: 02-16-2016

What do you do when you grow up in a wellness minded family? You just might compare this Fish Oil to... Skittles?

young, healthy, blonde woman drinking water taking supplements
Weight Loss Tips for Resetting Your Metabolism: Part 2

Posted: 02-14-2016

When working toward resetting metabolism, one often overlooked key is getting your supplements and nutrients right. Resetting your metabolism is not only for people with huge amounts of weight to lose. Sometimes, it's more about getting your body to respond appropriately to the fuel you give it.

Father's hand reaching into a child's hand
In Case You Wonder if Good Things Still Happen

Posted: 02-07-2016

Sometimes we get to be the miracle to people in an every day situation of life.

woman's face illustrating good and bad skin
Pretty Skin Begins Here

Posted: 01-23-2016

Do you wonder, "What else can I do for my skin?" If you've tried over the counter solutions, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, avoiding the sun, and all sorts of other potions, you may need to re-think your skin regimen.

Small Asian girl Painting
Running With Scissors- Lessons Learned

Posted: 01-20-2016

Well, today's already been quite eventful. One of our little ones got hold of a permanent marker, and drew some beautiful art all over our neighbor's driveway and porch in the 10 minutes they went outside to play. What happened then got really interesting...

young boy in suit holding money
You Can Eat Healthy Without Spending More!

Posted: 01-17-2016

One of the big myths we like to dispel is to talk about the real cost of foods. Most people believe that eating healthy is a lot more expensive than eating processed. The truth is, they cost about the same. Try this experiment and see for yourself!

Hands Folded over Bible
God is Singing Over YOU

Posted: 01-15-2016

"It comes from Zephaniah 3:17: "The LORD your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing."

attractive, overweight hispanic woman smiling on couch
Weight Loss Tips for Resetting Your Metabolism: Part 1

Posted: 01-15-2016

What about me? Do you have 20 or more pounds you want to lose? Maybe you've seen your friends lose weight, and you wonder how you can shed that unwanted fat and keep it off. Lots of excellent FREE Weight Loss resources referenced in this post so TAKE ADVANTAGE!

Drawing of Boy In Bubble Protected by Immune System
Why You Should Care About Gut Health

Posted: 01-12-2016

The Gut (think intestinal/digestive tract) is where approximately 80% of your immune system lives. It's been overlooked in the general healthcare world, and here's why you should care about and for it.

gluten free
So What's The Big Deal About Gluten?

Posted: 12-30-2015

Is Gluten Bad? Gluten just is. The problem is, it generally is not being used in the correct proportions any more. So let's take a moment to explore what gluten really is.

Christmas Cookies on Table
Mutiny @ Kid's Christmas Party

Posted: 12-18-2015

When I was a kid, Christmas parties involved the following food groups: Chips, Candy, Soda, and Cookies. Here's some healthier alternatives.

Stressed out Middle Aged Over Weight Hispanic Woman

Posted: 12-16-2015

Sometimes it seems that my day can get derailed before my alarm clock even has the chance to ring. It's easy to try and "help" yourself by cutting corners on your health and well being when it feels like the wheels are coming off. The best thing you can do (for you and those you love) when you are stressed/exhausted is to take some time to care for yourself!

Happy Young Woman Sitting on Dock at Sunset
Rest and Listen

Posted: 12-15-2015

I have already started this blog 3 times this morning, but have been fighting what I know I should write about. While it would be much more convenient for me today to run around like a crazy person and appear busy than it is to be obedient to God, I know I need to stop. You see, today He's calling me to REST and LISTEN.

Bearded Man Sleeping at Desk with Coffee At 9 AM
Holiday Brain Fog?

Posted: 12-14-2015

Use a pre-load green smoothie to ward off brain fog!

Jesus at the Temple
Cure for Bitterness?

Posted: 12-12-2015

When I was very sick, there were many days I couldn't walk without a cane or crutches. There were some days, I couldn't walk at all. One of my favorite Bible passages was when Jesus healed the paralyzed man. It's a great story on so many levels: he was healed, his friends were looking out for him and were persistent in searching for help, and he walked away a new man. But what if looking at the obvious has us missing the point of the story completely?

Happy Young Woman Sitting on Dock at Sunset
God's Mercies are New Every Morning

Posted: 12-06-2015

This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. The Bible says God's mercies are new every morning. Take a minute and just imagine that! Each day, when we open our eyes, God has something new and wonderful for us. He has a plan, he has a beautiful, hope-filled day in store.

drawing of retro woman with a grocery list
Affordable Healthy Grocery Shopping in 30 Minutes

Posted: 12-01-2015

Ever wonder what a healthy grocery list would look like? One of the things many people tell us is that it seems too hard to change shopping habits. They feel eating healthy is harder or costlier. I can tell you shopping for whole, natural foods is less expensive, easier and much faster in the grocery store than dealing with a bunch of processed foods.

Father and son relax on front porch
How Do You De-Stress During the Holidays?

Posted: 11-20-2015

How do you relieve stress over the holidays? Share your insight and see what other have to say.

assorted Halloween candy
Trick or Treat? Definitely A Trick!

Posted: 11-13-2015

Ok, confession time. We've just moved to a new town, and we're trying to get the kiddos involved etc... This year, we decided to let them trick or treat. In past years we haven't done much in that way because we just couldn't handle the sugar in our house. NEWSFLASH- we still can't handle the sugar in our house!

When Life Isn't Fair

Posted: 11-09-2015

You know, sometimes my kids will yell, "That's not fair!" Even as adults, we can be tempted to think that way. Maybe your next door neighbor got a promotion at work, or maybe it seems your best friend is happier than you are. No matter what life throws at you, it's true- Life Is Not Fair!

Why You Need Colostrum and PRPs

Posted: 10-10-2015

I would like to introduce you to my new best friend, Proline-Rich Polypeptides. You can call him PRP for short! This is an amazing leap in science. While we've been carrying the NuMedica ImmunoG product line for quite some time, and I was in fact using it daily, I had no idea it's power and scope of use!

older hispanic couple enjoying home-cooked meal together
Is There A Wrong Way To Eat HEALTHY Food?

Posted: 10-02-2015

This is a trick question. First, it's always better to eat healthy, whole, non-processed foods. But, did you know that you can do something very, very easy to help you get the best nourishment from your healthy food?

tall forest trees with ray of sunshine
What No One Will Tell You About Chronic Illness

Posted: 09-30-2015

You've seen all the movies, you know, the ones where someone dies and the family has to pick up the pieces. Think: Sleepless In Seattle, We Bought A Zoo, Steel Magnolias, etc... But no one talks about the truth of living with chronic illness forever.

leftover greens salad
Upgrade Your Foods

Posted: 09-25-2015

Here are the top 5 easy upgrades you can make this week to have healthier, whole food eating habits.

pre-load green smoothie with banana
Everyone Falls Off the Wagon Sometimes

Posted: 09-23-2015

Why is it that no matter how hard I try, the things that are not good for me still end up in my diet? This is a common question I get every week, and the simple answer is, if it's in your environment, you will eat it. Even as we have purged and purged our pantry, we are still tempted by unhealthy foods.

Mother Teresa's Viewpoint On Life...

Posted: 09-18-2015

Some thoughts from Mother Theresa that are helpful for managing stress.

a stressed out woman
Be Kind to Yourself

Posted: 09-16-2015

Everywhere you look, there is conflict, but did you know one of your biggest accusers may be the person who lives behind your ears?

An aged woman sleeps in a white bed
Gratitude- The Best Medicine for Sleep

Posted: 09-10-2015

Sometimes, stress makes it really hard to fall asleep. I have chronic health issues, a full-time (and then some) job, four kids, a busy husband, and a fluffy dog. Yes, sometimes stress can make it difficult to sleep.

living herbal tea
What Else Can I Drink?

Posted: 09-04-2015

There are many, many people who are not water fans. I admit, it can be an acquired taste, especially if you live in a place where the tap water doesn't taste good. So, what else can you safely drink?

illustration of people and water that says
Make My Day

Posted: 09-02-2015

Hydration effects mood- studies prove it! So why not make your day better by drinking lots of water?

Hands Praying over Bible
Is Prayer Your Steering Wheel or Your Spare Tire?

Posted: 08-25-2015

I was driving to work this morning and saw this on a billboard and just had to blog about it! "Is prayer your steering wheel, or your spare tire?"

Woman's Feet Standing on Scale
7 QUICK Tips for hc3 Trim Weight Loss Success

Posted: 08-15-2015

Here are some quick tips for hc3 trim dieters who need a little extra boost for their weight loss!

Pile of Apples on Wooden Table
Combat Comparisons

Posted: 06-23-2015

Most of my Facebook friends fall into a few categories:

  • Polished To Perfection
  • A Little Wacky, But I Still Love You
  • Political Activist
  • Train Wreck & Dirty Laundry Airing

Please remember, comparing yourself to a part of someone else's life is a dangerous game!

A freshly-cleaned modern kitchen
Purge Party

Posted: 06-07-2015

Take some time to purge your life of clutter, bad food, and stress!

But I Have a Picky Eater!

Posted: 06-02-2015

So your diet isn't perfect... what can you do to be sure you are properly nourished each day? Try one of our power drinks. NuMedica Power Greens or Power Fruits & Veggies for Kids gives you the nutritional boost you are looking for.

Today I Feel... Discouraged

Posted: 05-10-2015

Are you feeling discouraged? Here's some advice to help bring up your confidence!

Snowflake on ground covered with snow
What Christmas Means To Me 2011

Posted: 12-06-2011

Grief doesn't stop just because a holiday rolls around. Very often, in fact, it intensifies. Here is some very practical advice on walking through the holiday season, when you're feeling less than jolly.

Man In Suit With Head Exploding Into Smoke
Job Stress

Posted: 11-30-2011

Sometimes we can go from zero to sixty with frustration with a boss or co-worker. How would you respond to this work situation?

Red Pencil Writing The Word Stress
Yes! Stress Makes You Fat Part 2

Posted: 11-15-2011

How can you support your adrenal glands more? Adrenals are what help your body respond to stress, and when not properly cared for, weight gain can result!

Young Blonde Woman, Holding Head,  Stressed Out
Yes! Stress Makes You Fat

Posted: 11-12-2011

People talk about stress all the time, and sure, we all know what it feels like! But how does our body actually handle stress, and what in the world does that have to do with getting fat?

Woman and daughter playing together outside
Good Moms Don't Win Popularity Contests!

Posted: 10-18-2011

Ok, my faithful readers, I have another confession: I like people to like me! I want to be loved, appreciated, and thanked for my diligence and hard work.

Brown Pump Lotion Bottles on Table
Lotion That Can Help You Lose Weight?!?!

Posted: 10-14-2011

Let's buy it in bulk! Why have we never heard of this before?

Pile of Apples on Wooden Table
Steve Jobs and Me

Posted: 10-06-2011

It seems the internet, twitter, facebook, etc... are exploding with quotes and tributes to Steve Jobs. He no doubt was a great mind that truly changed the face of technology and the world!

Elderly Woman Teaching Grandchildren About Flowers In A Field
What My Grammy Taught Me!

Posted: 10-03-2011

The greatest generation still amazes me, and teaches a powerful lesson: keep learning to stay young!

Happy Middle-aged Caucasian Woman
Be a Joy Giver

Posted: 09-30-2011

Focusing on bringing joy to others is often the very best way to have joy in your own life.

leftover greens salad
What Can I Eat on hc3 Trim?

Posted: 09-26-2011

So many people contact us and wonder, "What do I eat on a hc3 Trim Diet? Let me show you how simple it is.

Middle-aged Man Meditating on Beach
Three Secret Weapons to Combat Stress: Part 3

Posted: 09-23-2011

My last secret weapon against stress is: Strengthening and Stilling the Mind. You may think this is silly, or easy, or not a real weapon. But let me tell you, a clear head is one of the greatest possible weapons you can have to combat all kinds of stress.

Elderly Hispanic woman smiling
Three Secret Weapons to Combat Stress: Part 2

Posted: 09-22-2011

Our bodies, like our bank accounts need to be managed, watched, and deposited into. If you neglect your bank account, you become bankrupt, but what happens if you neglect your body for too long?

Middle-aged Black Woman Sitting in Office
Three Secret Weapons to Combat Stress: Part 1

Posted: 09-19-2011

Last week, a friend asked me how to keep stress under control? The short answer is, you can't. BUT, you can give your body the nutrition it needs to cope with the daily stresses of life.

Wright Family Picture
You Would Think After 36 Years...

Posted: 08-06-2011

Well, I'm 36 today. That age that I thought was "really old" when I was 10. We'll be hitting lots of milestones this year, and it puts me in a reflective mood.

Theory of Relativity written on green chalkboard
What is Your Core Genius?

Posted: 07-10-2011

What Is Your Core Genius? What were you put on this earth to do? If you find the things in life you love, you will never work a day in your life.

Middle-aged Asian Woman Sitting at Desk
Secret Weapon For Success

Posted: 07-09-2011

As many of you know, in March I began an interesting journey... A journey that has been terrifying, exhilarating, and very insightful, the journey of starting a new career path.

Middle-aged Hispanic Couple Hugging Outside
You Are A Powerful Chemist

Posted: 04-06-2011

Today I will share a lesson I've learned on what helps marriages succeed.

Young Woman Blowing Nose
Love Chemistry 701: Delicate Ecosystems

Posted: 03-26-2011

Today we're looking at two mini-eco-systems: the immune system and marriage!

Bowl of Assorted Fruit
Love Chemistry 601: Fruit-Ology

Posted: 03-25-2011

Slow the aging process in your body and in your relationships through Resveretrol and through the fruits of love.

Disappointed young woman standing on medical scale
Brandy's Weight Loss Journey: Part 4 - Why Do Diets Fail?

Posted: 03-23-2011

Today we conclude Brandy's weight loss journey where we discuss the common pitfalls of "diets".

Stressed out Hispanic Woman
Love Chemistry 501: Stress Hormones

Posted: 03-21-2011

Stress is inevitable in conflict. Ask yourself "Am I stirring the pot, or is this worth the fight?"

Vitamin D Written in Sand on Beach
Love Chemistry 401: Immunology

Posted: 03-20-2011

Unsung heroes in health, and in your relationships can be key to your success.

Man Sleeping Peacefully in Bed
Love Chemistry 301: Circadian Rhythm

Posted: 03-19-2011

Natural rhythms happen in sleep and in relationships. Melatonin and honesty are what we examine today.

Acidity Scale with Glass of Water
Love Chemistry 201: Acidity Versus Alkalinity

Posted: 03-18-2011

Conflict is a part of every single relationship of substance. How do you choose to resolve it?

Aged African Couple Walking Together
Love Chemistry 101: MultiVitamins for Your Relationships

Posted: 03-17-2011

Do your relationships need some supplements? Try these relationship MultiVitamins from this 7-part blog series!

the Great Wall of China
Brandy's Weight Loss Journey: Part 3 - Progress Update

Posted: 03-16-2011

Observations from our volunteer, Brandy, on her weight loss journey with the NuMedica hc3 Trim Lifestyle Program.

Man in Suit on Skateboard Taking Leap of Faith
Faith Makes it Possible, Not Easy!

Posted: 03-14-2011

Who says a life of faith is easy? No one with much experience in that area. But, all things are possible with God!

old wooden wagon with pull handle
Brandy's Weight Loss Journey: Part 2 - When You Fall off the Wagon!

Posted: 03-09-2011

5.6 pounds of weight loss in one week, even with a family emergency? Way to go Brandy!!

Aged Parents Outdoors with Their Child
Brandy's Weight Loss Journey: Part 1 - Meet Bandy!

Posted: 03-02-2011

Welcome our weight loss volunteer: Brandy. She is looking to lose weight before her 30th birthday. Let's see how she does!

Analog Scale Isolated
In Her Own Words: Part 5 - Weight Loss Success!

Posted: 02-23-2011

Forty days on NuMedica hc3 Trim Lifestyle Program: Final Results Are In!

Assorted Spray Cleaning Supplies On Table
Watch For This When Choosing Your Cleaners!

Posted: 02-22-2011

Did you know that cleaning supplies do not have regulations in the way they list ingredients? It's true! Companies do not have to give a full ingredient list on their labels, so buyer- beware!

Box of Baking Soda
So, Who Needs Chemicals to Clean?

Posted: 02-19-2011

You don't you need harsh chemicals to clean your home! Simple oils and items you can get at the grocery store will do the trick!

Assorted Cleaning Products
What's Really in my Cleaning Caddy?

Posted: 02-18-2011

Ever wonder what all those chemicals in your household cleaners really do? You will be shocked at just how dangerous they can be.

Assorted Cleaning Supplies on white
So What's The Big Deal About Chemical Cleaners?

Posted: 02-17-2011

The brand names you know and trust, may not be that trustworthy when it comes to cleaning your home.

a stressed out woman
In Her Own Words: Part 4 - A Challenging Week

Posted: 02-16-2011

According to Julie, "It has been a rough week, between stress and hormones...

Our Newest Baby!!

Posted: 02-16-2011

Ok, I did not give birth!!! But for the past few months, my team and I have been working on our newest website that will help a whole lot of people live healthier lives. I am so excited!!

In Her Own Words: Part 3 - Julie's Progress

Posted: 02-09-2011

Wonder if NuMedica hc3 Trim is right for you? See Julie's ongoing progress and get her feedback.

Middle-aged Man Tempted by Sandwich
In Her Own Words: Part 2 - Finding New Ways to Cope

Posted: 02-02-2011

Julie shares today that food is a comfort tool for her, and she's finding new ways to overcome bad habits.

a girl refuses to eat broccoli
7 Cures For A Picky Eater

Posted: 02-01-2011

A few weeks ago, I took our 6-year-old daughter out for dinner. She chose Japanese - chopsticks and all! At the end of the meal, the woman who had been sitting at the grill with us asked me how I did it, and that got me thinking about how we've raised adventurous eaters.

sea grass on dune over ocean
Feeling Weak? Plant Some Mental Sea Grass!

Posted: 01-31-2011

Every now and again, I get discouraged, overwhelmed, and feel generally not up to the tasks set before me. I've learned to plant mental sea grass and you can too!

a middle aged asian woman stands in her kitchen
Stress Ritual

Posted: 01-29-2011

Every week, it seems, I learn something new that will help me in my recovery from Interstisial Cystitis and Graves Disease.

napkin with feel good strategy
Take Action and Feel Better

Posted: 01-27-2011

Today, I finished a monumental task! I've been working since November on a brand new website, with a brand new product line.

Plate of Cookies
In Her Own Words: Part 1 - Battle of the Binge

Posted: 01-26-2011

Do you binge eat? Many people eat for comfort when they are stressed, but how can you overcome this habit? Learn what it was like for Julie as she went through the NuMedica hc3 Trim Lifestyle Program in this 5-part series.

Insight from My 6-Year-Old on Snack Cakes

Posted: 01-15-2011

How would your kids stack up to our quiz? Try them out, and see what kind of answers you get!

An Interview with Julie About NuMedica hc3 Trim Lifestyle Program

Posted: 01-12-2011

You're invited into an interview with our volunteer Julie, who had to eat much differently than she had in the past for the NuMedica hc3 trim diet.

young boy in suit holding money
Financial Advice From My 10-Year Old

Posted: 01-10-2011

Here's what our 10-year old learned about money from The Richest Man In Babylon.

Count Your Blessings or Rehearse the Curse?

Posted: 01-08-2011

How will you chose to frame your experiences- from the negative or the positive perspective?

The Cure for Feeling Overwhelmed

Posted: 01-07-2011

As we wind up Christmas, it's easy to feel run-over by stress. It's time to take up a New Year's Resolution!

To My Little Girl as You Turn Six Today

Posted: 01-06-2011

I felt compelled to write an open letter to our little girl who is turning six today. Thank you for humoring me as I share my heart, and please know that if no parent has ever shared a blessing with you like this, God our Heavenly Father feels this way and more toward you!

Buckle UP...

Posted: 01-05-2011

Sometimes, we procrastinate the things we fear we will fail, No?

I'm Compounding?

Posted: 01-04-2011

Many of us fool ourselves into believing that little things don't matter, but it's the little things that build up and shape our lives!

Shot Out of a Cannon!

Posted: 01-03-2011

Do you set a purpose to your day, or do you suffer from reactionary syndrome?

2010 in Review

Posted: 01-02-2011

Here are the stats on our 2010 blog...

hispanic family smiling
Family Friendly Goals

Posted: 12-30-2010

Maybe you are like me, right in the thick of parenting. With kids that are 12, 10, 5, and 4, I have a wonderful group of kids that I have dreams, plans, and goals for.


Posted: 12-27-2010

When you go after your dreams, you will be labeled as different- so embrace it, don't try to fit in!

painting of manger scene
God- The Ultimate Goal Setter

Posted: 12-25-2010

Christmas Eve is a time of joy and anticipation, just like it was the very first Christmas Eve ever!

Christmas Tree with Golden Lights
Christmas Proves You Can!

Posted: 12-24-2010

As you finish this year, you're probably thinking about the next year. Are you asking yourself, "Can I really achieve my goals?" Of course you can!

Gloved Hand Grasping Magic Wand
Clarify Your Dream

Posted: 12-23-2010

Did you wave your magic wand yesterday to ask yourself what you really want? Now it's time to make it crystal clear!

Small Boy with Christmas Hat and Present
The Meaning of Christmas According to My 5 Year Old

Posted: 12-22-2010

What should you do when your sister takes candy from you? Show perfect love.

colorful timeline
Passage of Time...

Posted: 12-21-2010

No matter what happens in your daily life, change is inevitable! Will you direct that change, or let it happen to you?

Clean Well Lit Household Kitchen
Purge Party Christmas Style

Posted: 12-19-2010

Out with the old and in with the new. Take the time before the holidays and un-clutter your space!

Noah Wright Babysitting on Bench in Garden
Need a Laugh?

Posted: 12-14-2010

My Preschooler, Noah, made his teacher laugh on the first really snowy day at school. The conversation went something like this I am told...

Scared Child with Mother in Background
Let Go of Perfect, Hang on to Good Enough

Posted: 12-13-2010

So today was a mixed bag for me... Snow day with the kids, husband stranded in Nevada Baking with the kids, burnt some of the cookies Had a great meeting for work, talked to an unsympathetic health insurance agent about a bill.

Isaac Wright Sitting on Joel in Car
Our Asthmatic Boy and How He Got Well... Part 2

Posted: 12-10-2010

It was lots of trial and error, in short to get Isaac healthy. We tried different inhalers and daily meds with mixed reactions, but it was really difficult to get him to take them consistently and he just seemed to trade one set of symptoms from his asthma with another from his medications.

Isaac and Noah Wright at Summer Camp
Our Asthmatic Boy and how he Got Well... Part 1

Posted: 12-09-2010

Many people ask us how our out of control asthmatic got off all of his meds, here's how:

Typewriter with question Marks on Page
Believe and Forget your Worries

Posted: 12-08-2010

Macy's "Believe" campaign is a worthwhile cause you should believe in too!

Assorted Gifts Wrapped with Bows
Let Love, Not Worry Guide the Gifts

Posted: 12-07-2010

Let's be honest, a lot of worry this time of year can come in the form of gift giving. My grandma always used to say, "No matter how much I give you, it's never enough!"

Grumpy Man Inside House Drinking Coffee
Change Your Monday

Posted: 12-06-2010

As many of you know from my older posts, right now I'm struggling with my thyroid. I have to be honest when I say I try to smile through the struggle because I don't want to be a joy sucker, someone who sucks the oxygen out of a room upon entry.

Sliced fruit assortment on platter
If you Can't Beat Em, Join Em- Confessions of a Pie-A-Holic

Posted: 12-04-2010

Going to a party? Here's a healthy food that you can bring to your next event!

bottle of blue pills on white background
I'll Take Benedryl- on the Rocks

Posted: 12-02-2010

Food allergies can cause serious health problems (and sometimes embarrassment). Learn how to overcome your food allergies!

Little boy laying on carpet smiling up at camera
More Words Of Wisdom From My 9 Year Old

Posted: 12-01-2010

Take a peek into our life as I conduct an interview with our nine year old on how he likes to live healthy, and hilariously!

a hand holding a credit card towards the camera
Your Stomach and your Credit Card

Posted: 11-30-2010

How to prepare yourself for eating healthy at a party or other social event.

fresh apple pie on wooden table
Confessions of a Pie-A-Holic

Posted: 11-29-2010

How can you combat processed sweets? Make them from scratch!

black friday written on chalkboard
Getting My Life in the Black this Friday

Posted: 11-26-2010

Take today to refresh yourself and put your life back in the black

Isaac Wright smiles at a baseball game
Words of Wisdom from my 9 year Old Son...

Posted: 11-17-2010

Learn a powerful lesson about food.

farmer sprays pesticides on crops
Attack of the Neuro Toxins!

Posted: 11-14-2010

Today's blog has one simple message: Believe yourself- listen and respond.

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