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Embracing Wellness Your Guide to Living Better Now

Since 2010, has provided professional-grade dietary supplements supported by wellness educational content focused on healthy living, risk reduction, and chronic disease elimination.

We promote a lifestyle of well-being with emphasis on whole-food nutrition, stress management, reasonable exercise, proper sleep, and the use of targeted, high-quality supplements to augment what is lacking in our diet.

We advocate for using old-fashioned, common-sense and making small, gradual, healthy changes to your lifestyle that will last.

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Eat Whole, Natural Foods

black woman relaxing on her sofa
Manage Stress

group of adults exercising in a class setting
Exercise Regularly

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Get Proper Sleep

Professional Nutraceuticals Purity. Potency. Quality.

 NuMedica vitamins icon is an authorized reseller of the following professional supplements:


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NuMedica provides clinical nutrition via healthcare providers. They are an NSF® GMP Certified, FDA-registered company implementing the latest quality control standards in the manufacturing and testing of professional supplements.

Their formulas are designed with active ingredients for higher performance along with advanced nutrient delivery methods and Enhanced Absorption Technologies™ offering value through increased bioavailability.

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FirstFitness Nutrition™

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FirstFitness Nutrition (FFN) provides powerful nutritional supplements, recommended by healthcare providers, that incorporate the latest innovations in science and research to help you lose weight, improve your health, and achieve your wellness goals.

Effective December 1, 2023, FirstFitness Nutrition (FFN) products may be purchased only on our FFN Team Member website:

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Our Commitment To You  Keep it Simple, Informative, High-Quality, Fast & Friendly

Jay, customer service representative
Customer Service - Jay is a family-owned and operated business. We are passionate about helping others live a healthier, happier, more productive life having overcome personal health challenges in our own lives with gradual, healthy changes to lifestyle behaviors.

We try to keep things simple, use common sense, and provide value for our customers with helpful, easy-to-understand wellness content and quality supplements. Many of our customers have been with us for years. We enjoy and appreciate our relationship with them.

We do not ask for your credit card information, automatically put you on an auto-ship, sell your personal information, or bombard you with marketing emails and texts. Your information is YOURS, and we respect your time and privacy. We would love to talk with you about wellness and supplements if and when you request information from us.

Jay is an original founding member of from 2010 and has managed the business and has provided customer service ever since.

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Seller Reviews are from actual customers who placed an order on the website and voluntarily provided the feedback.

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We are fairly easy to reach if you ever need some help and want to have a conversation with an actual human alien icon rather than searching all over to figure out how to contact customer support and then dealing with a useless FAQ, annoying chatbot, lengthy recorded phone menu system, or other automated responders.

We appreciate and seriously evaluate your constructive feedback on how we can improve our website, products, and services. We consistently get encouraging feedback from our customers about:

  • how easy the website is to use,
  • the quality of the supplements,
  • our easy-to-understand and helpful content,
  • our friendly and knowledgeable customer service, and
  • fast shipping

If you find our products and services helpful and of good quality, please consider recommending us to others interested in quality supplements and wellness content.

We welcome your  phone icon  call at (888) 424-0032 or  email icon  email anytime. We can't always respond immediately, but we will do so at our earliest opportunity. We are even known to respond after hours and on weekends! Learn more about us.

Wellness at Home Our Changing Lifestyle

In recent years, the shift towards a more home-based lifestyle has significantly transformed how we approach daily activities, from nourishing our bodies with healthier meals to engaging in at-home exercise routines. The home has become a hub for productivity, serving as our workplace and classroom, while also providing endless entertainment options and convenient shopping experiences. This transition to a home-centric way of living offers numerous benefits for health and wellness, allowing for greater control over our environment and habits. Explore these changes and discover how to optimize your home-based lifestyle for better well-being.

The Foods We Are Eating Are Causing Chronic Disease

Many of us consume too much-processed foods, a major contributor to chronic disease. These foods typically contain high levels of sugar, trans fats, and other unhealthy fats, high salt content, additives, and preservatives, and, in general, do not contain the nutrients our bodies need. Below, you will find two grocery shopping lists. The first is a standard, go-to shopping list focusing on whole foods and natural ingredients. The second is tailored to those who want gluten- and dairy-free options.

Whole Foods Nutrition

black man grocery shopping on the outer isle with a grocery shopping list

Many health and wellness issues arise from consuming processed or inorganic foods. However, we have choices regarding our nutrition. Learn practical tips for healthy and affordable grocery shopping and consider using a list similar to the recommended natural, whole foods grocery shopping list provided to get you off to a good start!

Gluten- and Dairy-Free Alternatives

grocery store manager overlooking a modern grocery store selling healthy, whole foods

Eliminating or minimizing Gluten and Dairy from your diet isn't necessary for everyone, but many may benefit from these lifestyle changes. Shopping for these foods is easier than you think. Learn more about gluten-free and dairy-free nutrition options and take advantage of educational resources, shopping lists, and recipes.

Options for Healthy, On-the-Go Nutrition Convenient & Affordable

cartoon illustration of a woman grappling with getting convenient, unhealthy fast-food or choosing healthier, whole foods
Fast-Food vs Healthy Food Delima

Most of us know we need to eat healthier but we often choose unhealthier options because we lack the time to prepare food, or the costs of healthier options is higher, or we've become accustomed to the taste of processed / high fat foods. There are healthy options that taste great, are affordable, and can be made in advance for convenience so that they are available when you want them but don't have the time to shop or prepare food.

Consider these juicing, smoothie, and snack options available in our online whole food recipes. You might also consider setting aside some time once per week and preparing meals in advance for most the week.

NuMedica has some powerful smoothie and juice recipes that use whole foods in combination with their Power Greens, Total Vegan Protein and other supplements targeting specific health goals.

Wellness Webinars Practical Discussions for Healthier Living

These recorded webinars discuss common questions asked and challenges faced by people focusing on weight loss and maintaining an optimal body composition. Each webinar provides insight and practical tips centered on healthier lifestyle behaviors.

Health & Wellness Content  Recent Blog Postings

Living Better is a Personal Choice

road sign showing the road splitting into two different directions and a question mark

Choose to Live Well It's Worth It

While there are some things in life that we can't personally control, what we choose to put into our body and mind goes a long way towards living a healthier, happier, and more productive life.

Wellness is about A LIFESTYLE. It is a series of choices and behaviors that result in an outcome over time. There are no gimmicks, magic pills, or quick fixes. It requires making a decision, educating yourself, and sticking with it.

When we take better care of ourselves with proper nutrition, stress management, sleep, reasonable exercise and use quality, targeted supplements to augment what is missing in our diet, we perform better and experience more fulfillment in the things we choose to do!

Wellness is not EASY, but it is WORTH IT!

laptop featuring a person reading a blog post
laptop featuring a person reading a blog post

Your Healthy Life Concierge Blog

Our Wellness Blog focusses on many aspects of healthier living providing a deeper dive into popular Wellness topics, sharing encouragement and often explaining how to use nutritional supplements to get the most benefit.

These posts can be searched and sorted by many helpful classifications to help you find content that interests you.

Each posts also has a Related Content section that has additional articles you may find interesting.

healthcare worker depicting living a healthier lifestyle
healthcare worker depicting living a healthier lifestyle

Your Wellness Lifestyle Education

Good or bad health doesn't just happen. It accumulates over time from the choices we make. Our online wellness education is a free, self-paced, healthy living education program.

It is for anyone who genuinely desires to live a better, more fulfilling life and is willing to make small, gradual, and reasonable changes to lifestyle behaviors that will move them along a continuum towards better health.

cookbook cover depicting eating utensils and recipes
cookbook cover depicting eating utensils and recipes

Healthy Living Whole Foods Recipes

Enjoy our Whole Foods Recipes with over 100 fantastic tasting, budget-friendly recipes that use natural ingredients and whole foods.

You can easily search for recipes by Meal Type, Food Type, Diet Type, Food Sensitivity, and other classifications.

All of these recipes are affordable, easy to shop for and make.

free member account on provides additional benefits
free member account on provides additional benefits

Member Account Benefits

Setup your optional Member Account on our website. A Member Account lets you easily maintain your account information, including your User ID, eMail, Password, Name, Phone, and Billing/Shipping Addresses.

You can view your Order History, set up Autoship, easily reorder an entire previous order or individual products, access additional wellness content, and more.

You do not have to have an account to use our website but it can be helpful if you plan to use it often.

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