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Since 2010 has provided NuMedica professional-grade supplements online supported by practical wellness content focused on healthy living, risk reduction, and chronic disease elimination. We welcome your phone call or email to help you find the right supplements.

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Being well is normal. Dis-ease and disease are NOT normal. Why then are so many of us tired, overweight and sick?

  Poor Nutrition & Chronic Stress provides easy-to-find and easy-to-understand Wellness Education Articles, Your Healthy Life Concierge Blog, Healthy Living Whole Foods Cookbook, and Quality Supplements from NuMedica that can help you FEEL BETTER and LIVE BETTER.

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Libby Wright, author of Your Healthy Life Concierge blog

What is the Real Meaning of Comfort?

Libby, a mom of four, featured in Mom Colored Glasses E-Magazine, discusses her personal struggles with illness, how she has found true comfort and how she shares it with others.

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Man In Suit With Head Exploding Into Smoke

Three Secret Weapons to Combat Stress

3-part blog series shows you how to give your body the nutrition it needs to cope with the daily stresses of life.

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Disappointed young woman standing on medical scale

Why Do Diets Fail?

4-part blog series follows Brandy's weight-loss journey and illustrates common challenges many of us face.

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fast foods that are fried and saturated with unhealthy fat and oils

Evolution of Dinner

5-part blog series shows how a stay-at-home mom transitioned her family from processed foods into natural, whole foods nutrition and radically improved her family's health.

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young girl choosing between eating broccoli or a donut

Webinar: Four Letter Word for F.O.O.D.

Facilitator Libby Wright discusses the unhealthy food consumed in the S.A.D (Sad American Diet) and recommends alternative food choices, recipes and NuMedica supplements.

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Healthy Grocery Shopping List

Stock your pantry and refrigerator with these fresh and healthy nutritious foods.

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Healthy Living Whole Foods Cookbook displaying wooden cooking utensils and recipe notepad.

Healthy Living Whole Foods Cookbook

This customizable cookbook features amazing RAW foods recipes and shares tips in healthy cooking.

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illustration of head in hands

Fatigue, Brain Fog, Memory, Sleep, ADHD & Behavioral Issues?

What if you could reduce memory and sleep problems and improve behavioral issues...

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attractive, overweight hispanic woman smiling on couch

Supplements for Resetting Your Metabolism

Sometimes, it's more about getting your body to respond appropriately to the fuel you give it. 2-part blog series explores NuMedica's hc3 Lifestyle and Metabolic Reset weight-loss programs.

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Core Nutrition Pack Includes NuMedica AdrenaMed, Corti-B Plex, and MultiMedica

Supplements Everyone Should Take Daily

Our most powerful and versatile supplement pack at a savings! Three quality NuMedica supplements for everyone to nourish your body, boost energy and reduce the effects of stress.

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Webinar: Sleep & Weight Loss

Facilitator Libby Wright interviews Dr. Jamie Wright about the role of sleep in weight loss and recommends NuMedica supplements.

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Drawing of Boy In Bubble Protected by Immune System

Why You Should Care About Gut Health

The GUT is where approximately 80% of your immune system lives. Here's why you should care!

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Webinar: Eight and One Half Steps to Relieve Stress

Facilitator Libby Wright discusses how we perceive situations and provides practical tips for managing stress and recommends NuMedica supplements.

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Chocolate Almond Delightful recipe image

Healthy Chocolate Recipes?

You bet! Try these out with family and friends. And they are fun to make!

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Webinar: Hydration & Weight Loss

Facilitator Libby Wright discusses the role of hydration in weight loss and recommends NuMedica supplements.

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Wellness Education Nutrition, Stress, Sleep, Exercise & Supplements

When we take better care of ourselves with proper nutrition, stress management, sleep, exercise and targeted use of quality supplements, we perform better and experience more fulfillment in the things we choose to do!

Our Wellness Blog has real-life weight loss and wellness stories that share encouragement and often explain how to use nutritional supplements to get the best benefit. Enjoy our Healthy Living Whole Foods Cookbook with fantastic tasting recipes that use natural ingredients and whole foods. On the Resources menu you will find recorded webinars explaining how Water, Sleep, Stress, and Food affects your health and weight management. Take advantage of our Healthy Grocery Shopping List, articles and other wellness educational resources.

Attractive, young black family enjoying a healthy meal together.
Eat Whole, Natural Foods
Middle-aged Asian woman with hands on head obviously experience a stressful moment.
Manage Stress
Senior caucasion couple excercising by doing stretches.
Exercise Regularly
Elderly woman sleeping comfortably in bed.
Get Proper Sleep

Our online Wellness and Weight Loss education content, created by experts, and facilitated using NuMedica Supplements, teaches you practical ways to live better now through nutrition, proper sleep, managing stress, reasonable exercise, effective use of supplements, and other lifestyle behaviors that promote wellness. We encourage you to take advantage of our videos, articles, and discussion forums where we explore wellness topics in more detail.

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Our Wellness education and NuMedica Supplements are available to everyone. You do not have to be a member; however, members get benefits including savings, order history, bookmarks and access to additional wellness content. Membership is free and quick using this simple sign-up form.

Please call us at (888) 424-0032 or email if we can assist you with NuMedica Supplements. We are even known to answer the phone or respond to emails after hours and on weekends.

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