Holiday Brain Fog?


Use a pre-load green smoothie to ward off brain fog!

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Don't let Holiday foods drain your energy! Use smart Nutrition & Supplements to combat fatigue.

It's Monday and December, and that's reason enough for the title of today's blog! How many of us experience "brain fog" as we go through the holiday season? I know I have my moments between the shopping, decorating, parties, and "treats".

This Saturday, I experienced it to a very large degree. We had family coming in from out of town, and I was trying to prepare for the next week of clinic. My wonderful husband made crepes for breakfast, and while they were very tasty, within 45 minutes, I was dragging. My mind was completely shut down, and I was ready for a nap at 11:00 in the morning. My husband quickly saw me heading downhill and started pouring green smoothies down me. Within an hour, my energy had returned and I was able to function for the rest of the day. Brain fog is very often brought on by foods like sugar, wheat, gluten, egg, and dairy. (These are the main food groups that seem to be tapped during the holiday season especially.)

So how do we ward off brain fog as we enjoy some of those parties? Simple: Pre-Load!

Last year I discussed this around Christmas, but the point bears repeating. Pre-Loading is simply filling up with good foods before you leave home, filling yourself 1/2 to 3/4 full so that you nibble at parties instead of gorging yourself on those high calorie, high allergen foods. Things like dairy, gluten, egg, and wheat products can give you a major energy drain, as well as brain fog. Filling up on greens, smoothies, and other high quality foods before the Christmas Cookies and Egg Nog will help you stay high energy and high focus as you cruise through the holidays. Also, you want to be sure that you are taking your supplements! NuMedica Cognitive Balance boost vitamin levels to the nervous system as well as boosting the body's natural ability to create dopamine that will help you to stay focussed and on an even energy plain. I also would recommend NuMedica Power Greens if you're in a rush and need an antioxidant boost!"

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