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woman's face illustrating good and bad skin

Pretty Skin Begins Here

  blog post author icon   blog post published date icon   01/23/16

Do you wonder, "What else can I do for my skin?" If you've tried over the counter solutions, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, avoiding the sun, and all sorts of other potions, you may need to re-think your skin regimen.

woman's face illustrating good and bad skin

Pretty Skin Begins Here

  blog post author icon   blog post published date icon   01/23/16

Do you wonder, "What else can I do for my skin?" If you've tried over the counter solutions, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, avoiding the sun, and all sorts of other potions, you may need to re-think your skin regimen.

I have always had "rashy" skin, and I used to think I would have to just live with it forever. What I learned was that these little bumps, or pimples, or rashes could be a sign of some nutritional deficiencies.

Here are some supplements to help your skin glow. Many doctors now consider the SKIN a large organ covering our body. No wonder stress, bad eating, or other unhealthy habits can cause our skin to react! It's time to take control of your skin, detoxify, and support this often-abused organ!

Top 8 NuMedica Supplements To Improve Your Skin

NuMedica Total Vegan Protein Chocolate - 14 servings professional-grade supplement
Total Vegan Protein

#8 Lose the Dairy Total Vegan Protein

Believe it or not, cow's milk may be the source of many of your skin problems. Over 80% of Americans have some type of dairy sensitivity. Even if you don't break out in hives or have gut pain, dairy may still be a culprit in your skin issues. If you are a dairy drinker or eater, I would challenge you to remove it for ten days and see if you notice a difference in your skin. Then, re-introduce it. If the issues decreased during your dairy fast and reappeared after the reintroduction, you are probably sensitive to dairy.

If dairy elimination is something you think you should try, I recommend trying our Total Vegan Protein line. This creamy shake is a great breakfast and can substitute for cereal and milk or yogurt smoothies that may be a staple. This is a tasty and totally dairy-free meal replacement or snack comes in great flavors, including chocolate, mocha, and vanilla. Put in the blender with frozen berries of your choice to change the flavors.

NuMedica MultiMedica for Women - 120 vegetable capsule professional-grade dietary supplement

#7 A Good Multi-Vitamin MultiMedica

Believe it or not, sometimes, our nutrition does not give our bodies the building blocks they need to restore and repair. If you have any chronic condition, whether it's bad skin or fatigue, I might suggest you try adding a good Multi-Vitamin. The MultiMedica family of vitamins are proven high-quality nutritional supplement that covers all of the bases on your general health. By giving your body the "bare minimum" of what it needs, you can help improve your skin, and help your body repair the damage done by the toxins of the world.

NuMedica Power Greens Berry - 30 svgs professional-grade supplement
Power Greens/Reds

#6 Super Hydration NuMedica Power Greens

Hydrating is a great way to detoxify your skin. Check out our blog videos on hydration. We recommend that you take your current body weight and divide it in half. That's the number in ounces your should drink every day. If you weight 200 pounds, that means you should be drinking roughly 100 ounces of water each and every day. Whenever my skin starts to get rashy or I have a breakout, I always start with re-hydration! If you want to boost your hydration, add some NuMedica Power Greens to your water. These tasty additions to your water give you all of the nutritional bullet points you need for a whole day in one serving. It's equivalent to drinking all of the fruits and veggies you "should" be eating in one day. This is great for busy people or those who say that fruits and veggies will never be on their menu!

NuMedica Melatonin 3 mg Lozenges - 60 loz professional-grade supplement

#5 Sleep Help NuMedica Melatonin

Research confirms it again and again- you've got to get your ZZZZs. This is the time that your body restores and repairs itself. If you deprive your body of this building block, it's very hard to look your best. But what if you try to sleep, and it constantly evades you? We've got NuMedica Melatonin to help you get your sleep back on track. Remember that melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that your body makes every night when you sleep. We have both liquid and lozenges for your convenience. Either way, they taste great and are a non-habit forming way to help you get to sleep, and stay asleep naturally.

NuMedica Dual-Tox DPO - 120c professional-grade supplement
Dual-Tox DPO

#4 Detoxification NuMedica Dual-Tox DPO

Everyone agrees that we have a whole lot of assaults happening in our daily life. Maybe you don't eat a clean, organic, natural diet (maybe you eat like most other Americans). Maybe you smoke, drink alcohol, or even abuse soda combustion. Maybe you just feel "toxic" and think you need a better way to help you purify yourself from the stress you put onto your body.

Most of us don't have the time (or frankly the desire) to do a typical "cleanse". Most of us don't want to feel sick, or fast for days, or take time from our busy schedule to deeply cleanse our bodies. NuMedica Dual-Tox DPO is a great solution! It's gentle on the stomach and won't cause any GI upset or extra trips to the bathroom. It's a way to help the body flush toxins on a daily basis, and it's just a couple of capsules with some water.

NuMedica Corti-B Plex - 120c professional-grade supplement
Corti-B Plex

#3 Manage Your Stress NuMedica Corti-B Plex

If you are one of the 3 Americans who currently do not live a stressed out life, congratulations! For the other 99.9999% of us, there is help in managing your stress. NuMedica Corti-B Plex will help you manage your stress. It's a full compliment of the B Vitamins that help us regulate stress hormones, keep the anxiety at bay, and help us with the brain fog and fatigue that frustrate many people, especially in the afternoon! Remember that for many people, stress shows up in our skin!

NuMedica Gluten Support GI Restore Powder - 30 svgs professional-grade supplement
GI Restore Powder

#2 Gluten - It's Everywhere! NuMedica Gluten Sensitivity

Believe it or not gluten is everywhere. Many people only think of gluten problems like Celiac disease when they hear about "gluten problems". One of the biggest keys for eliminating my rashy skin was eliminating the effects of gluten. I realized through an elimination diet that gluten was causing itchy rashes on my face that looked like acne. Once I eliminated gluten, most of my rashes went away.

The NuMedica Gluten Support line helped me detox and repair from the damage of gluten, and also has been a lifesaver for me in those times when I've been in a situation where I was accidentally exposed to it. I highly recommend this particular line. I actually tried several different lines before landing on this as being my "go to" failsafe when I got exposed to gluten accidentally.

NuMedica Omega 600 USP EC - 60 sfgl professional-grade supplement
Omega 600 USP

#1 And the Winner is... Fish Oil NuMedica Omega

One of the main conditions associated with deficiency in Omega-3 Fatty Acids is having a rash. Most of these red and bumpy (and sometimes itchy) rashes locate on the backs of the triceps (back of the arms) and sometimes along the jawline. I used to believe this was acne, but now I know better. This Omega-3 Fatty Acid can be gotten through a diet full of fish and nuts like walnuts. Most Americans do not get sufficient amounts of this fatty acid in diet alone, so we must turn to supplements. This is a high-quality fish-oil supplement that I trust for my family. Buyer beware, many of these supplements are not as pure or as potent as the NuMedica line! We have seen consistently good results with our clients using this brand.

Libby Wright, author of Your Healthy Life Concierge blog

Libby Wright, mother of four who homeschools, is an original founder of in 2010. She suffered through challenging diseases including Interstitial Cystitis, Graves and Lyme. After years of little progress with traditional medicine, she pursued integrative medicine, applied what she learned, and got healthier. She became passionate about wanting others to experience the same "relief" she had come to know, and was born. She is now managing her illness with a lot of prayer, a lot of nutrition/supplements, and a little prescription medicine. She has been able to resume her normal life and, while there is no cure for her particular conditions, she is able to cope, enjoy every day, and encourage others.

Learn more about Libby Wright.

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