Role of Hydration in Weight Loss Webinar | Libby Wright

Webinar: What About Water

Facilitator Libby Wright discusses the role of hydration in weight loss with participants of the Your Best Weight program. The webinar last for 21 minutes and addresses questions submitted by the program participants.

You can learn more about the NuMedica supplements discussed: Core Nutrition Pack, AdrenaMed, Corti-B Plex and MultiMedica.

You may view or download the slides used for the presentation. We encourage you to take advantage of the supporting content on the Resources tab and to ask questions or share your thoughts in the Discussion Forum.

Role of Hydration in Weight Loss Webinar
Role of Hydration in Weight Loss Webinar

You Know You Should, But...

What follows is the text transcription from the webinar for those who would like to read it. You can also view or download a PDF of the discussion slides.

Your Guide: Libby Wright

Hi, my name is Libby Wright, and I would like to welcome you to our broadcast today in Your Best Weight1, our program. We're going to speak today about our first topic, which is hydration. So we're going to talk about water and all different types of hydration besides water. And we're going to talk about the fact that you know, you should probably drink a lot of water, but we have a lot of excuses as to why we don't. So I'd like to talk with you just a little bit about that today.

Just a little bit of housekeeping. I want to remind you, my name is Libby Wight. I'm one of the founders of I'm not a medical professional. Um, I just do this as a service to other people based on my own personal experiences getting myself healthy. Um, I'd also like to remind you that we do keep all attendees are in listen only mode. So you are muted. If you have any questions that you'd like to ask at the end of the session, please go into your questions section in your Goto Webinar control panel. Go ahead and type those in and we'll get through as many of those as we can before our time runs out. We do try to keep this to a 20 minute session, so, uh, get, get us those questions and we'll get to as many as we possibly can in that 20 minute time period.

So now we get to get on with the fun part. Before I say anything more, I also want to remind you that before you start any regiments, be they supplements, new diets, new exercise, anything like that, we always think it's best for you to clear it with your health professional and highly encouraged that. So with that, we're going to go ahead and start talking about hydration and we're going to start with a little parable.

Moving Day A little parable about DOING... and KNOWING your goal

Parables are just a story with a meaning. And basically this parable is about knowing what you should do but not really knowing your goal. So, um, we are attempting to move across country. We're moving out west from Michigan and right now we have boxes everywhere and movers. They've been here all day moving our, all of our possessions out west. And um, my husband and I were sitting at the kitchen table on Sunday night and my husband said to me, okay, Libby, what do we need to do to get ready for Tuesday? What is our strategy, what needs to be accomplished? And I just kind of laughed. And I said, okay, here's my big strategy. Are you ready for it? We were both totally exhausted after all the boxes we had done all weekend. And I said, everything that's not in a box needs to go in a box before Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM when the movers get here. And we both laughed because you know you could come up with some crazy strategy and try and think about this or that or the other. But really at the end of the day, we just needed to get it done. Everything we wanted to go out West had to get into a box by Tuesday morning or couldn't go with us.

So I'd like to talk with you about hydration in that sense. We know we're supposed to hydrate, we know what we're supposed to do. Sometimes we don't know how to do it, but sometimes it's simply because we don't have a good goal in mind. Now, there are a lot of different ways that we can talk about goals. One thing would be with our perfect weight is to talk about our body mass index calculator. So I'd like to walk you through that really quickly. Um, this is kind of a standard in the industry of what a BMI should be.

What Is Your Perfect Weight? Body Mass Index Calculation

Um, this is that body fat percentage. This is measuring all the different components of your body and figuring out what your BMI is. Now, if you're an elite athlete, high performer, or you're working with an integrative provider like a physician, these numbers are going to be a little bit different. They're going to be a little less forgiving shall we say. But for our purposes in general, this is what we're going to talk through. So underweight is the first category I'd like to talk with you about. 18.5 percent or less would be underweight in the body mass index. And one of the things we like to talk about with Your Best Weight is the fact that sometimes it's not just the problem with being fat. People think, oh, I'm too heavy. Oh, I'm overweight. Oh, I'm obese. But underweight can be just as damaging and difficult for people as overweight. So we want to make sure that we don't neglect the fact that if you're underweight, you may need to do some things to bulk up and get yourself healthier. Okay, so that's number one.

Number two, a normal BMI, 18.5 to 24.9. That means you're in that healthy range. Again, if you're working as an elite athlete or with a physician who is an integrated provider, they may want to trim that number down just a little bit, but that's our general rule of thumb. Overweight 25 percent to 29.9 percent and then over 30 percent would be obese. And we watched our numbers, overweight and obese are medical diagnostic codes. So these tell us that you are at a higher risk for things like high blood pressure, diabetes, just glucose problems in general, heart disease. All these different things, so you just want to make sure that, um, that if you are in the overweight or obese category that you're taking care of that. Now, if you want to play around with this calculator a little bit yourself, you can see this is the bottom of the screen and we do record all these webinars so you can go, feel free to go back and, and look at that in our recordings to find this website if you can't find it. But, um, I would highly encourage you if this is something you're interested in, to go in and speak with an integrated provider, a health coach, go into a gym. They can do a BMI with you very quickly and easily.

Water: How Much Is Enough?

So one goal could be that BMI. I want to get my BMI to- let's go back from an let's say that we're the overweight category. Maybe we want to get our BMI to 20 or 21. I mean we were obese and we want to move down a category. Whatever that is, to get you into that best weight for you, that will really be what's perfect for you. So I'd encourage you to set a goal in what your BMI is. That's one good way to set goals. The second thing is hydration. Now, a lot of people just want to know how much is enough. But if we were all sitting in a room together today, not in our virtual classroom, I would have us play a game and say let's fill in the blank. So I would say everyone needs to drink blank glasses of water every day and everyone would say six to eight, eight ounce glasses of water every day, right?

Why Does Water Matter?

So I don't have us in the virtual classroom, but I'd like to give you the formula that again is an industry standard, something that we like to use to just use as a guiding principle for people to know how much water they really should drink in a day. So in this again is found on our website2 as well. So let's say you weigh 100 pounds- we're going to just keep this real simple. We'll divide that in half. So it will go to the number of 50. That's how many ounces in water everyday you should be drinking. That's your goal, that's the minimum, so if you weigh 100 pounds, you should be drinking a minimum of 50 ounces of water per day. You weigh 200 pounds, you should be drinking 100 ounces of water everyday, and so it goes, so it's a very simple formula to help you get there.

Now, most people do not drink this much water every single day. I'll just tell you, it takes some work and some effort and it takes some thought behind it and at the end of our time if we have enough time, I'll be able to share with you a little bit more about how I count my water every day. If not, that's on the website3 as well, so a lot of people wonder why does water matter? Now that might seem like kind of a counterintuitive question. We know that we're made up of a lot of water as organisms, but there are some really specific reasons why water matters, especially when we're trying to get to that best weight. When you're well hydrated, your metabolism is working the very best that it can and you burn calories actually a lot faster than if you were dehydrated even a little bit. Here's an interesting quote that people, after they drank water, their metabolism began to um, increase within 10 minutes with a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes getting higher calories burned.

How Do I Eat My Water?

So really good thing. Another article that we have on our website talks about depression and fatigue and things like that. That's another side effect of being dehydrated. So water matters for more than just the typical reasons we think of. Here's another thought that I want to pass onto you. Now, we need to stay hydrated, but most people do not hydrate strictly from water, about 50 percent. This is an average here. Fifty percent of people get their fluid from water. Thirty percent get fluid from other beverages. Twenty percent get fluid from other foods. So one of the things you may be wondering is, okay, I need to up the ante. I need to get more water in my diet, but I really don't like to drink water. What else can I do? Well, maybe you can bump that fluid from other beverages up a bit more to help you get that hydration.

What Else Can Be Done? Whole Natural Foods

We recommend a black coffee, green tea. Those are both very good antioxidants, as long as you're not putting a bunch of sugar in there, a bunch of milk in there. If you're doing the green teas and the coffees, those are very good and healthy for you in general. Um, also, you know, just you can add a lot of fluid in by changing the way you eat. And again, that may seem a little bit counterintuitive, but let me show you what I mean. So you can actually eat your water is one of the things that we suggest when you're trying to hydrate and just change your life in general and get into your best weight, uh, it will take a whole weekend on eating alone. But I just want to share a little bit of this with you. Some of these fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, peaches, you have the highest water content.

So when you eat those, it's actually 90 percent fluid. Ninety percent water. Vegetables- you've got cucumbers, lettuces, celery, and zucchini- that was one that was a little bit of a surprise to me, but you can actually up your water and your fluid intake simply by choosing to eat these. So instead of maybe going to the vending machine or going into the cupboard and grabbing some crackers, try some of these fresh fruits and vegetables and that's going to help you to hydrate yourself even more.

What Else Can Be Done? Movement Every Day

So, what else can really be done? Um, we just touched on whole natural foods. The less processed foods you eat, the more natural foods you eat, the more hydration you're naturally going to get. Movement everyday is another thing that you can do. Maybe another goal you set for Your Best Weight. And the best movements that we have found is something called Tabata and there's a lot of different variations of this, but basically it's short bursts of activity and they're intense and you do it very briefly, a couple times a day. And it actually has been shown in some of the literature to reduce, um, to reduce blood sugar numbers in diabetics.

So, um, I love to do pilates in the morning, a short burst of it, maybe 10 minutes, but I really get my heart rate going. And then in the evening I might go for a fast walk or play some soccer with my kids. Whatever it is I can do to get my heart rate up again. So very simple way to do it. A lot of people feel intimidated going to the gym or saying, I'm going to sign up for this class or that class because it's such a long time commitment. You know, if you go to a yoga class or a different spin class, you might be committing to two and a half, maybe even three hours of your time by the time you get to the gym, do your workout and then you know, leave and head to your next destination. So I recommend these short bursts of activity there. They're gonna help you a lot.

Maintain- Don't Gain NuMedica MultiMedica, Corti-B Plex, AdrenaMed

The other thing I'd recommend is supplements, um, you know, we're talking today about the basics. So hydration is really as foundational and ground level as you can get, but right behind it is, is supplementing yourself. A lot of people do not eat perfectly. Most people don't. We don't have an organic farm. We don't have a garden in our backyard. You know, sometimes people end up in drive throughs sometimes people are eating and drinking things that are not healthy for them. So what can you do to give your body the best advantage that you can, that's very simple and easy to do. The Maintain- Don't Gain Pack (currently renamed to Core Nutrition Pack - 30d), is really good for anyone whether you're, whether you need to lose weight or not. It's kind of our gold standard, it's what we start people on who have never really been on supplements or have some energy issues.

So MultiMedia is a great multivitamin. We've got it in Men's, Women's or just the plain one (Without Iron) for either. Corti-B Plex is going to help with that energy level and then AdrenaMed is something that helps people with their stress. Uh, we work a lot in the manufacturing sector and one of our clients came to us and said, you know what, I was drinking two pots of coffee a day just to stay on my feet the whole time I needed to be working and instead of, of drinking the two pots of coffee, now I'm actually just using these supplements and drinking a little bit of coffee throughout the day just because I enjoy the flavor of it while it's a big change. And um, so these are some great supplements to just get your started if you've never been in the supplement world before.

What is Your Goal?

So I guess what I'd like to bring to you now is what is your goal? What is your challenge? I'd like to ask you to post at least one goal in the Discussion Forum of this week's lesson. If you haven't been to our website yet or haven't really explored it, I highly recommend that you do it. We've got a Watch tab with a short instructional video where I'm teaching a little bit on hydration. We've got a Challenge where we're asking people to do change one habit each week. We've got some great definitions, we've got a really nice article on more ways that you can hydrate yourself. And then we've also got this discussion forum. The discussion forum is a way for us to communicate with each other. Um, it's a way for us to ask questions that maybe we wouldn't feel comfortable asking. Um, and we can just say, you know, who's tried MultiMedica, what do you think of it? How are you hydrating?


Whatever it is your questions are, or you can post a response and let us know what you're doing this week to change your hydration levels. So we're gonna delve in. We've got just a few minutes left here and I wanted to delve in for just a second into our questions. So we have several questions. If you have not posted your question yet, feel free to do that. In the Goto Webinar control panel, there is a button called questions and you can go ahead and type your question in and I'll be able to see it. As I mentioned before, I keep all of the participants muted so that we don't have unwanted background noise. So feel free to type in your question and I'll try and get to it. If I can, I'll plow through as many of these questions as I can, but I do want to remind you of the 20 minute Webinar.

The webinar questions and answers have been posted in the Discussion Forum.




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 Admin  01/21/19 07:35 AM CST   

Here's an example of a recyclable water bottle that anyone can get from your nearest Walmart or Target or online. This one is 20 ounces. Fill it up each day. Place a rubber band at the top water line. Each time you stop to drink some water, roll the rubber band down to the new water line. The water bottle is convenient to keep with you and gives you a visual reminder of how much water you have consumed.

Post Reply
 Guest  01/09/19 07:57 AM CST   

Where do I go to see the course content referred to in the webinar?

 Admin    01/09/19 04:57 PM CST   

The course called Your Best Weight is available to everyone from our website. It is a self-paced, online weight-loss education program. While the content is ideal for people who are looking to lose fat and weight, the education and tools provided cover important aspects of a healthy lifestyle including hydration, sleep, stress management, and nutrition that everyone can benefit from.

Post Reply
 Guest  01/09/19 07:44 AM CST   

What if I just don't like the way water taste? What do I do?

 Admin    01/09/19 07:52 AM CST   

First, your water may just not taste good out of the tap. So don't give up on water altogether just because your water doesn't taste good. I'd recommend that you get a water bottle with a filter in it. It's not that expensive of an investment, along with a pitcher. Try that and see if your water tastes better.

You can also try different bottled waters at the store and you can probably find a water that you like. Based on the alkalinity, the water changes a lot, along with things that are in it. Minerals are naturally occurring in the water, and will change it a lot. Then there is well water versus city water... There are a lot of different things you can do.

Second thing I'd recommend is that you try infusing your water. You've probably heard of lemon in water, right? But you don't have to just stop there. You can do limon (lemon/lime) water, or berries in water, grapes in water. Cucumber in water is actually one of my favorites. It's very refreshing. You can even put herbs in there like mint and peppermint. I had water a couple of weeks ago with rosemary in it and I thought hmm, I don't know if I'm going to like that, but it was actually very tasty.

So the options are endless because there are a lot of herbs out there you can try. If you still just can't tolerate the taste of it, I'd recommend a green tea or really nice herbal tea. There's a million of them out there that would still be caffeine free and it's still taking you toward that hydration goal. So again, I'd highly recommend that you just get that hydration in any way you can.

And if you still are not keen on water, don't try to set the goal to, you know, a few slides back we talked about, um, you know, if you weigh 100 pounds, you need to drink 50 ounces of water everyday. Well, if you don't drink any water at all right now, it's going to be really hard to get up to that 50 ounce mark anytime soon. So I'd recommend instead that you set a reasonable goal for yourself.

So if you don't drink any water at all throughout the day, say I will drink 10 ounces of water everyday for a week or two. Just keep amping that up. And before you know it, you will be at the point where you're drinking water every single day at the correct proportion. Water is just very nourishing. It is helping you detoxify and it's going to be something that will really help you get to your best weight, which is our ultimate goal, right?

Post Reply
 Guest  01/09/19 07:41 AM CST   

How do you count water consumption?

 Admin    01/09/19 07:41 AM CST   

Well, I have a very simple way. I don't know who came up with this. I read it in an article somewhere, but it works really well for me. So what I do is I get myself a water bottle each day. I have a nice glass one that I use this covered in rubber so I don't have to worry about it breaking and I have rubber bands on my water bottle and they all start at the bottom of the container and as I drink one of the full water bottle containers, I move a rubber band up and that helps me to measure exactly how much water I've taken in each day. So that's a simple way to do it.

There's a lot of different things you can do a to measure your water that I've heard of people putting rubber bands on their arms, bracelets. There's a million different scenarios. There's also other, other apps and things like that that you can get that actually track your water consumption. I found that was too hard to be entering it into my phone or my phone all the time. So my water bottle was with me anyway, that's kind of how we came up with that.

Post Reply
 Guest  01/08/19 08:25 AM CST   

What about soda?

 Admin    01/08/19 08:26 AM CST   

This is a big one for people. There are a lot of people are drinking sodas, energy drinks, things like that. What is our opinion on it? Okay. First of all, the worst possible thing you can do, especially if you're trying to lose weight, is to drink diet soda. There are research studies that actually prove that Diet soda actually can help help you increase your weight. You can actually gain weight using diet soda, and that's because there's so many chemicals in it in these sweeteners are not natural. Your body doesn't know what to do with them and it can actually cause weight gain. So if someone is truly addicted to soda, what I recommend, first of all, if their addicted to diet soda, it's switchover to a regular soda. So make sure you're not drinking the soda with a high fructose corn syrup though.

So switch over to a soda sweetened with sugar. That's way better for you actually then I'm using those diet sodas or the high fructose corn syrup. Then what I suggest is a weaning process, and this is how I actually got off of the sodas myself. I was addicted to them for a lot of years and basically what we do is we tell people to get your can or a bottle of soda, whatever it is you usually do during the day, instead of just drinking it down like you normally would, we want you to pour it into a glass. Now, when you forward in the glass, your job day one is to leave maybe a tablespoon in the bottom of it. You're not going to get a headache. You're not going to get withdrawal. Whatever it is that you do, maybe you drink three sodas a day.

Okay, well we will table soon in the bottom of it. Just decrease it by a little bit the next day. Decrease it by a little more, a little more, a little more each time, until by the end of the month, you're basically not going to need or want sodas anymore. It takes usually about a month for your taste buds change, and for you to realize these, it's really doesn't even taste that good. Now, some people who are really addicted may need to do this just a little bit longer, so feel free to take as much time as you need. But the nice thing about this process is you're not getting the withdrawals and you're not getting the gross headaches generally. So, um, we definitely recommend that you switch over to coffees or green teas, things like that, and, um, reduce and eliminate those sugar sweetened beverages, those, uh, high fructose corn syrup sweetened beverages as well as definitely anything that is a chemical sweetener.

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