Running With Scissors- Lessons Learned


Well, today's already been quite eventful. One of our little ones got hold of a permanent marker, and drew some beautiful art all over our neighbor's driveway and porch in the 10 minutes they went outside to play. What happened then got really interesting...

small asian girl painting
Forgive yourself, make amends, and move on when you make mistakes in life.

Next, our little person decided to play with some silly putty, which got stuck in the front of their hair. Instead of coming to me for a solution, this little rascal decided to "be a problem solver" and trim it out. Yes, huge chunk out of hair right in front, and right up to the top of the forehead.

I sent this child to their room, and told them to let me be alone for a while. While alone, my mischief maker figured out what needed to be done:

  • Apologize to the neighbors
  • Clean up the mess
  • Not try to problem solve to hide misbehavior

I was fairly stunned when this very young child strategized then presented to me how to fix this issue without the lecture that I'd been preparing. It says in the Bible that God's word is written in the hearts of all man, and if I had any doubts before, I don't now. We hugged, gave apologies, and reconciled before going to sleep. (I have to admit I had some apologizing to do too with my less than gracious reaction to the evening events.)

So today, I made breakfast, and the kids and I went over to fix the damage. We worked hard, and as we did, we discussed two life lessons:

  1. It takes almost no time at all to do impulsive things, but very long to take care of the mess they create.
  2. We are a team, and when one of us messes up, we will all work together to make it right- no complaints, blaming, or anger because someday, you'll need help too.

I was saving my 100th blog entry for something special- and I can't think of anything more special than the topic of second chances! So whether you're struggling with health issues, weight, or any other trial of life remember...

Have grace for yourself and others when a mistake is made. Follow my child's advice to seek forgiveness (even if it's only from yourself), make amends, and move on with another life's lesson in your pocket for the journey ahead.
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