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Jay Todtenbier is an original founder of in 2010 and has operated the business ever since. He is also a tennis instructor and gospel musician. Formerly he spent 25 years in business development, technology and marketing with startups and major corporations having gone through the tech boom in Silicon Valley in the 90s. He became passionate about, and began studying and practicing Wellness as a Lifestyle after experiencing chronic, personal health challenges including depression, auto-immune disorders, and being overweight that impacted his ability to live a healthy, vibrant life. Since then, he has been an advocate for healthier living encouraging others to live better through making small, gradual changes to lifestyle behaviors relating to whole-foods nutrition, stress management, reasonable exercise, proper sleep, and the use of targeted, high-quality supplements.

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I have always valued time freedom to be able to pursue the things I am passionate about; however, I used most of my time through my 20s and 30s trying to figure out who I was and where I fit into this world, not doing that which inspired me. I was in debt from failed business adventures, stressed-out, depressed, overweight, and exhausted most of the time. My health and happiness deteriorated from the poor choices I continued to make regarding my spiritual condition, employment, nutrition, and other things. However, the root cause of my problems was really my spiritual condition.

I was fortunate though, when I was younger, to have had older, wise people in my life that told me about a man named Jesus and how He had changed their life for the better. They shared with me their personal stories of what they went through and explained how He does that for anyone who will humble themself and sincerely call upon Him for help. Unfortunately, at that time in my life, the pursuit of popular, worldly things were more important and believable to me.

I spent the next 20 years of my life chasing after what I thought was important, but I was totally on the wrong track. I may have accomplished some things that on the outside looked good to others, but on the inside I was a sad, depressed, broken alcoholic who had lost hope.

While I have always believed in Jesus as my Savior from sin, He was really little more than "fire insurance" to keep me from being on the wrong side of eternity. I did not understand or believe that if I would put Him first, than He would order my steps and provide for all of the other important areas of my life that I was so desperately pursuing on my own terms: career, relationships, finances, love, purpose, personal fulfillment...

Beginning in 2006, at 42 years old, I was so desperate for change that I hit the "reset" button on my life. I began seeking the Lord Jesus sincerely who I had casually pushed aside all of those years. He welcomed me back with open arms, just like the father did the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32. He provided me with a new start—forgiveness, spiritual, emotional and physical healing, physical and financial security, and the direction I needed to move forward. He delivered me from some personal bondages including alcohol, tobacco, depression, and others. He began turning the difficult and painful situations around, over time restoring or replacing things that had been previously lost or badly damaged.

He still does this for me each day!

At that time I weighed 247 pounds, was tired most of the time, and really wanted to feel younger and more energetic again. I did a "Forest Gump"—grew my hair out and jogged every day for a year, although I didn't have any people following behind me like he did. Gave me lots of time to clear my head and think about things.

I started learning about proper nutrition and began gradually phasing out the processed foods in my life and replacing them with more natural, whole foods. That, in conjunction with eliminating the alcohol, made a world of difference. It is amazing how God makes our bodies! When we treat them right, they have a tendency to heal and work a whole lot better. Within the year I was down to 175 pounds. I have remained around that weight for the 15 years since, with the exception of about an 18-month period when my weight went back up to about 200 pounds as a result of eating more processed foods (stress eating) while going through a difficult period emotionally and financially. The good news is that I was able to turn it around the same way as before by gradually replacing the processed foods with real food and within three months my body was back at my optimal weight.

In 2006 I also began learning how to work from home. At first it was selling my time as a consultant to others who would use my business skills to help them start and grow their businesses. Some of the work could be done from home but it still required significant travel and other commitments that limited my time for pursuing other interests, and the financial upside was limited to the amount of hours I could physically work. However, I really enjoyed working at home when I could and having more control over my work schedule.

In 2010 I began learning how to generate "passive" income working from home selling high-quality products and services from reputable companies. This was more to my liking as my primary goal was to not only have a business that allowed me more control over my work environment, but would also generate ongoing sales income allowing me to eventually have significantly more choice over how I use my time.

Thankfully, I am now reasonably healthy and able to earn and sustain enough income to no longer be dependent upon others for employment income, and have more time to pursue the things I am passionate about, which includes being a Gospel musician, teaching tennis, owning and operating a home-based business, and helping others enjoy better health with greater financial and time freedom.

If you have any interest in developing a home-based business for yourself, or your family, take a look at what FirstFitness Nutrition has to offer and then reach out to me if you want to discuss it further or take the next step.

If I could go back in time and change anything it would be this: put Jesus first and everything else will fall into it's proper place. Other than that, take better care of what you put into your mind and body and it will take better care of you.

We all have a story. If I can ever be helpful to you, reach out to me. I'd like to hear your story and hopefully encourage you along your journey!

Blog Posts

top view of spoons with natural ingredients for adding to foods
Counting Ingredients Instead of Calories

Posted: 06-18-2024

The mantra of counting calories has long been a guiding principle, at least for weight management. However, focusing solely on calorie counting can overshadow the importance of what we're eating. By shifting our attention to the ingredients in our food, we can make healthier choices that promote overall well-being. This approach emphasizes quality over quantity, encouraging us to choose whole, unprocessed foods that nourish our bodies. Let's delve into the key aspects of counting ingredients instead of calories and discover how it can transform our health.

a depiction of allergies
Seasonal Allergies-Understanding and Managing Your Symptoms

Posted: 04-26-2024

Seasonal allergies, often known as hay fever, affect millions worldwide. Each year, as the seasons change, many individuals grapple with sneezing, stuffy or runny noses, and itchy eyes, all common symptoms of this condition. This blog post aims to demystify seasonal allergies by exploring their causes and providing practical health tips to manage these annoying symptoms.

adult male exercising at home with dumbbells
Health Improvement Strategies for Adults at Home

Posted: 04-11-2024

It can be challenging for adults to prioritize their health and wellness. With busy work schedules, family responsibilities, and other commitments, neglecting our physical and mental well-being is easy. However, with the rise of technology, more and more adults are turning to cost-effective activities, products, and services they can do from their homes to improve their health.

person standing on a scale in their socks where the letters read lose weight
The New Frontier in Weight Management: GLP-1 Medications Explained

Posted: 04-06-2024

If you've been watching TV or scrolling through social media lately, you may have noticed a surge in advertisements for GLP-1 medications for weight loss. These medications, such as Wegovy and Ozempic, are marketed as a revolutionary solution for weight loss and blood sugar support. But what exactly are GLP-1 medications and how do they work?

an assortment of healthy and unhealthy foods arrayed on a table
A Century of Eating: Exploring the Evolution of Diets from 1920 to 2020

Posted: 03-22-2024

Diet trends have come and gone throughout the years, with each decade bringing new fads and approaches to eating. From the strict calorie counting of the 1920s to the latest intermittent fasting craze, our diets have evolved significantly over the past century.

illustration of the gut-brain connection as it relates to health
The Gut-Brain Axis and Wellness

Posted: 03-15-2024

The gut-brain axis is a complex and fascinating connection between our gut and brain. It is a two-way communication system involving the nervous, hormones, and immune systems. This connection plays an important role in our overall health and wellness.

the words have a great day written on a note card and placed inside a school locker
5 Acts of Kindness You Can Do In Secret for Others This Week

Posted: 03-09-2024

Sometimes, it can feel awkward or uncomfortable to do something for someone else, especially if they are strangers. That's where secret acts of kindness come in. These are small, anonymous gestures that can brighten someone's day without them ever knowing who did it.

asian woman with acupressure therapist receiving treatment
Harnessing Acupressure Techniques for Managing Anxiety

Posted: 02-10-2024

With the increasing pace and stresses of modern life, anxiety is an increasingly prevalent challenge affecting people both mentally and physically. Fortunately, there is a holistic approach to managing anxiety through the ancient practice of acupressure.

an illustration of bones in the body including shoulder, hand, pelvis, foot and knee
Bone Health and Supplementation for Seniors

Posted: 02-03-2024

Discover the keys to maintaining strong and resilient bones as you age! From understanding age-related changes to navigating dietary requirements and effective supplementation, embark on a journey towards optimal bone health. Learn how personalized approaches, guided by healthcare professionals, can empower you to enjoy a vibrant and active lifestyle well into your golden years.

two senior men having a conversation
Holistic Well-Being for Mature Men - Part 2

Posted: 01-27-2024

In our understanding of men's health, there is an interesting shift toward holistic wellness as the basis for graceful aging. This approach recognizes that health includes the absence of disease and the integration of physical, mental, and social well-being. For men, prioritizing a holistic health strategy should be a part of navigating the journey of aging with vitality and resilience. Part 1 focusses on men's health in general while part 2 provides a more holistic perspective.

three senior men joyfully posing for a picture
Aging Gracefully: Men's Health in the Aging Process - Part 1

Posted: 01-20-2024

As men age, prioritizing health becomes more important than ever in maintaining their overall well-being and vitality. While aging is inevitable, how men approach it can significantly impact their quality of life. Part 1 focusses on men's health in general while part 2 provides a more holistic perspective.

lightbulb with the word goal inside lit up
A Guide to Tailoring Supplements to Your Goals

Posted: 01-13-2024

Success in your personal wellness goals most often involves navigating the large and often complex field of professional supplements, with each strategically crafted to address specific health concerns. Whether your goal is muscle recovery, immune support, enhanced cognitive function, or optimizing your gut health, you can learn to tailor your supplement regimen to suit your unique goals.

Shake Up Your Lifestyle
Shake Up Your Lifestyle

Posted: 01-06-2024

Looking for convenient, refreshing and healthy beverage options to quench your thirst and provide your body with the nutrients it needs for optimal performance?

Look no further. Try these NuMedica shake recipes that use whole natural foods in combination with their most popular professional wellness formulas.

healthcare provider analyzing the results of a blood sugar test for a patient
Fuel Your Body Right: A Guide to Managing Blood Sugar

Posted: 12-30-2023

One of the fundamental keys to developing optimal vitality lies in effectively controlling blood sugar levels. The impact of balanced blood sugar goes beyond energy levels and influences mood, concentration, and long-term health outcomes. Blood sugar control can be influenced by the combined effects of thermogenic fat burning, low glycemic index fruits, complex carbohydrates, and intermittent fasting - an understanding that can enable a holistic approach to caring for your body and maintaining your well-being.

luggage, passport, overnight bag, and airplane for travel
Tips for Staying Healthy During Holiday Travel

Posted: 12-24-2023

Traveling during the holidays can be a stressful experience, but it doesn't have to be. By taking a few simple steps, you can make sure that you stay healthy and safe while traveling. Here are some tips for staying healthy during holiday travel.

assortment of healthy foods laid out on the the table for a holiday gathering
Traditional Holiday Recipes Made Healthier

Posted: 12-16-2023

The holidays are great for enjoying flavorful food with friends and family. It's easy to take traditional dishes that, while tasting great, may not be so healthy, but with a few minor changes, you can make them healthier and enjoyable for all.

black woman exercising at home participating in. virtual class using her laptop computer
The Benefits of Virtual Wellness Activities

Posted: 12-09-2023

Virtual wellness activities can serve as a mental health refuge and provide social, educational, and even physical opportunities from your home, even on a more limited budget. You can manage stress and anxiety and promote emotional well-being by participating in virtual activities. The digital world becomes a useful tool toward improved health.

compass pointing to the future
Consumer Wellness Trends for 2024

Posted: 11-25-2023

In the ever-changing world of consumer wellness, staying on top of trends can be interesting for companies and individuals looking to improve their well-being. As we approach 2024, a host of new products and services that will revolutionize the wellness industry are on the way.

assortment of holidays foods at the family dinner table
5 Simple and Healthy Things You Can Do Over the Holidays

Posted: 11-18-2023

The holiday season often disrupts routines, making it challenging to prioritize health. However, with a proactive mindset, you can take control of your well-being during Thanksgiving or Christmas travels. Here are five things you can do, no matter your holiday plans.

depiction of a ladder stepping up and through a person's head to depict what we allow to come into our mind that influences us
Your Diet is More Than What You Eat

Posted: 11-11-2023

In pursuing a healthy lifestyle, we often focus on the nutritional content of our meals and the physical activities we engage in. However, true well-being extends beyond the realm of food and exercise. Your overall diet encompasses what you eat and what you feed your mind and soul. Let's delve into the diverse dimensions of this holistic approach to well-being.

man staring at artificial intelligence screen projection pondering the future
Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Health Care

Posted: 11-04-2023

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised as something new to revolutionize the industry. AI's capacity to enhance diagnostic accuracy, streamline administrative operations, and reduce costs heralds a promising future for healthcare. These advancements improve patient care, making it more efficient and individualized while promising to increase accessibility and affordability.

fat and water soluble vitamins
Understanding the Difference Between Fat-Soluble and Water-Soluble Vitamins

Posted: 10-28-2023

Vitamins are micronutrients important in maintaining our overall health and well-being. They are required for various bodily functions, including immune support, energy production, and healthy appearance. There are two main categories of vitamins: fat-soluble and water-soluble. Learn the differences between these two categories and their significance.


young woman smiling with her toothbrush
The Importance of Good Dental Hygiene

Posted: 10-21-2023

Dental health is not always the highest on the list when prioritizing our medical needs, but the consequences of neglecting your dental health can have severe effects and be avoided. Maintaining dental hygiene is crucial for maintaining a beautiful smile, but dental hygiene also impacts and reflects your overall well-being.

headshot of a woman focussing in on her right eye
The Importance of Eye Health

Posted: 10-14-2023

Many people only realize the importance of caring for their eyes once they start experiencing problems. Proper eye care not only helps prevent vision problems but also reduces the risk of serious conditions. Adopting simple habits can improve your eye health and maintain clear, comfortable vision for years.

a dietician filling out a nutritional plan for a client
How to Maximize Your Gains by Working with a Dietitian or Nutritionist

Posted: 10-07-2023

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the plethora of nutrition advice, not knowing which is right for you? Enter the world of dietitians and nutritionists, trained experts who decipher complex nutritional science, tailoring it to suit individual needs.

image of various fruits such as apple, kiwi, orange, strawberry, and others that contain vitamin c
Vitamin C: What You Need To Know

Posted: 09-30-2023

Vitamin C can reduce the duration and severity of common cold symptoms by an average of 8% in adults and 14% in children. But this doesn't even scratch what this nutrient can do for the human body. It's no wonder Vitamin C (also known as L-ascorbic acid) is one of the most widely known and taken supplements.

chiropractic healthcare provider working on patient's left shoulder
Exploring Chiropractic Medicine

Posted: 09-23-2023

In this guide, we'll explore the different techniques and benefits you can expect when booking a chiropractor appointment. We'll also debunk some common misconceptions about chiropractic medicine to set the record straight about this important wellness topic.

dimensions of health insurance including coverage, cost, options, prescriptions, lifestyle behaviors, health
Evaluating Your Health Insurance Plan: What to Look For

Posted: 09-16-2023

The United States is one of the most expensive countries in the world regarding healthcare costs. In 2021, healthcare spending reached $4.3 trillion. That's the same as $12,900 per person every year. The health insurance plan you pick is vital for cutting costs and providing ample coverage for your various medical needs. However, you need to make sure you're paying for the best one available.

Here are a few steps to follow when choosing health insurance and comparing your options.

Understanding the the Graston Technique and Soft Tissue Mobilization

Posted: 09-09-2023

Did you know that around 40 percent of ankle sprains develop chronic symptoms? It can be frustrating if you've been injured and the pain won't go away.

Are you seeking therapy to help with pain, flexibility, and performance? The Graston technique could be the solution.

senior man with joint pain in knees
How Do You Treat a Muscle or Joint Injury?

Posted: 09-02-2023

Your body has more than 600 muscles in it. It also contains more than 300 joints. As a result, there is a good chance you'll suffer both muscle and joint injuries at different points throughout your life.

compass pointing to healthy life
Common Health Problems Can Be Minimized by Healthier Lifestyle Behaviors

Posted: 08-26-2023

In a time when many lifestyles consist of sedentary routines, poor dietary choices, and stress, adopting healthier behaviors can significantly impact our overall well-being. Our daily choices, including what we eat and how active we are, can either pave the way for good health or lead us to preventable health problems.

a woman getting a massage, therapist working in her facial area
Why Massage Therapy?

Posted: 08-19-2023

In a world of stress, demands, and constant hustle, finding ways to relax and rejuvenate has become paramount. Massage therapy is a practice that has evolved from ancient traditions into a scientifically recognized means of promoting physical and mental well-being.

patient and healthcare provider discussing patient's healthcare needs and goals in partnership
What is Holistic Medicine?

Posted: 08-12-2023

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in holistic medicine among individuals seeking a comprehensive, natural, and alternative healthcare approach. Holistic medicine is based on the idea that optimal health is achieved by finding balance within your body, mind, and spirit. Unlike traditional Western medicine, which often targets isolated symptoms, holistic medicine takes a more integrated approach and considers you as a whole.

globe with $ in a person's hand over a computer keyboard depicting the online shopping economy
How Has the Changing U.S. Economy Impacted Consumer Use of Supplements?

Posted: 08-05-2023

Today, more people than ever are taking supplements to help with their health and wellness. The vitamin and supplement industry generates close to $40 billion in sales annually. Let's take a look at how the changing economy may impact consumer supplement use going forward in 2024.

vitamins a, c, e, b6, b9, b12, and minerals calcium, magnesium and zinc
Common Misconceptions About Vitamins and Minerals Explained

Posted: 07-28-2023

If you're interested in learning more about vitamins and minerals, read on for a list of common misconceptions and find out the truth before starting a new regimen.

B12 is found most commonly in products derived from animal origin including liver, kidneys, clams, shellfish, beef, tuna, and others
The Importance of Vitamin B12

Posted: 07-22-2023

Vitamin B12 is a crucial nutrient that plays a significant role in various physiological processes within the human body. This water-soluble vitamin is essential for maintaining overall health and well-being.

a coach provides training, practice, goals, support, education, motivation, inspiration
A Guide to Working With a Health and Wellness Coach

Posted: 07-15-2023

With so much going on in the world that we can't control, we can be proactive about our health. And one way to do this is to work with a health and wellness coach.

Stethoscope with vitamins as part of a preventative health care checkup
What About Preventative Health Care?

Posted: 07-08-2023

According to recent studies, only about 8% of American adults over the age of 35 take advantage of preventative health care services on an annual basis. You could lead a healthier lifestyle by incorporating preventative care services. Learn more about these services and how they work.

whole foods including carrots, cucumbers and peppers using leftovers for new healthy dishes
What About Upcycling Food?

Posted: 07-01-2023

As prices soar, more and more people are talking about upcycling food. This process can help you reduce food waste, save money, and continue to eat a healthy diet.

However, many people need to take advantage of it. Please keep reading to learn more about what upcycling food is and the benefits of it.

woman standing in field with arms raised taking in the beauty of nature
10 Tips for Better Relaxation

Posted: 06-24-2023

Many people are unaware of stress's negative effects on their bodies. These issues worsen as time passes if steps aren't taken to relax. Stress reduction can seem difficult at first, but it's more straightforward than most people expect.

asian woman watering her houseplants
Do Houseplants Make You Healthier?

Posted: 06-17-2023

If you're interested in doing what's best for your health and wellness, sometimes the most impactful solutions are also the simplest. For instance, adding a house plant or three to your living situation can reap huge rewards.

Easy Meal Planning for Busy People: What You Need to Know

Posted: 06-10-2023

If you want to eat better, one option is to get better with your meal planning. Especially if you have a busy schedule, this can help you make healthier decisions.

fodmap diet items including avocado, salmon, nuts, tomatoes, blueberries
What Are FODMAPs?

Posted: 06-03-2023

You may be wondering what FODMAPs are or how to implement a FODMAP diet into your lifestyle. This helpful guide walks you through the basics of FODMAPs, what foods to avoid, and how you can work to ease symptoms of IBS and IBD by following some simple dietary changes.

Introduction - Personal Wellness Story - Part 1

Posted: 05-29-2023

If we really believe in wellness as a lifestyle, then we should practice what we preach. In December of last year, your's truly, the manager of this site, found himself with a challenging shoulder injury known as frozen shoulder.

In this blog series, I'll share my personal journey of how I am dealing with it, including all of the good, the bad, and the ugly, what I am learning, and how it is changing me as I progress through my recovery. I'll discuss a variety of topics including healthcare options chosen, supplements used, what's working, what has not, and share some hopefully useful insights. My goal is to encourage you, if, and when, you are faced with a difficult health challenge.

healthy fruits and vegetables arrayed around a clock
Fruit and Vegetable Supplements: Finding Truth in a Craze

Posted: 05-27-2023

You can't help but wonder: What's all the hype about? Are these products truly effective in improving our health, or are they just another passing trend in wellness?

alphabet letters spelling out nitric oxide with a medical stethescope
Nitric Oxide Supplements: What's the Big Deal About Nitric Oxide?

Posted: 05-20-2023

When managing your health, supplements can be helpful. Nitric oxide supplements have become popular of late. Learn more about them and see if they would be helpful for you.

assorted types of sugar
Natural Sugars and Added Sugars: How Much Sugar Are You Consuming?

Posted: 05-13-2023

Understanding the difference between natural and added sugars is critical in a world where sugar hides in our food like a chameleon. But it can be difficult to know how to do this.

To make things easier, we've written a guide that demystifies the sweet confusion surrounding your diet. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

wrist watch with health technology communicating with phone app
Health Wearables in Your Future?

Posted: 05-06-2023

What's all the fuss about health wearable technology? Is it really useful? It seems to be popular and appears to have a future. Let's take a look and get the basics.

magnesium Mg element surrounded by healthy foods containing magnesium
Magnesium and Your Health: How Are They Connected?

Posted: 04-29-2023

Have you been feeling nauseous and weak? You may have a magnesium deficiency. Also known as hypomagnesemia, magnesium deficiency affects over 2.5% to 12% of the general population.

Taking magnesium supplements can help with your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

illustration of a head with a ladder stepping up to it to depict thought
Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation in Daily Activities

Posted: 04-22-2023

It is common for individuals to experience stress, anxiety, and an overall sense of feeling overwhelmed. These feelings can wreak havoc on your mental health, ability to meet daily challenges and relationships with others. While certain levels of stress are unavoidable, there are practices you can incorporate into your everyday life to navigate these challenges better.

illustration of old habits to new habits drawn in the sand on the beach
Forming A Healthy Habit

Posted: 04-15-2023

Humans are creatures of habit, and the habits we develop throughout our lives can significantly affect our health and well-being. These habits we form can either work in our favor or against us- it's up to us to choose which habits we decide to cultivate. Actively developing a healthy habit requires patience, consistency, and discipline.

a woman taking a supplement
Important Types of Minerals Needed for Good Health

Posted: 04-08-2023

Good nutrition is key to sustaining a healthy mind and body; one important part of your balanced diet should include minerals. Minerals are essential for keeping us in physical and emotional balance, as they help deliver vital nutrients to different body parts.

an assortment of healthy foods containing probiotics
An Overview of Probiotics and Prebiotics

Posted: 04-01-2023

Let's take a quick peek at probiotics and prebiotics, how they protect your gut microbiome, and why you should add them to your diet.

woman eating breakfast
What Is Mindful Eating?

Posted: 03-25-2023

So what is mindful eating all about and how can it help you stop endlessly munching? Mindful eating aims to reduce distractions and help us focus on the experience of eating. Learn more about what mindful eating is, what bad habits to minimize or eliminate, and what good habits to cultivate.

woman showing four facial expressions: angry, stressed, laughing, silly
How Does Food Affect Your Mood?

Posted: 03-18-2023

Knowing how food affects your mood will give you a better understanding of what to pick when grocery shopping. And it allows you to make necessary changes to food that's not contributing to a positive mood.

a lightbulb with legs running depicting energy
Mitochondria and Your Energy

Posted: 03-11-2023

Our bodies are similar to machines, with specific functions necessary to achieve certain outcomes. Every moment, our bodies are constantly working to keep us going, and like machines, they require energy to do so. This energy is rooted in our cells, specifically our mitochondria. Like gas to an engine, our bodies rely on our cellular mitochondria to stay energized.

middle-aged black man exercising with dumbbells
What Are the Benefits of Micro Workouts?

Posted: 03-04-2023

Micro workouts incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT exercises jumpstart excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. That phenomenon refers to how much oxygen your body consumes after a workout session.

the word facts displayed inside of a magnifying glass
10 Interesting Facts About a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted: 02-19-2023

Making healthy choices doesn't have to be complicated. You can make small daily adjustments that have a major impact on your health. And you might be surprised by some of the things you can change that is considered healthy.

ginseng roots
The Best Adaptogens for Energy and Well-Being

Posted: 02-12-2023

Do you feel tired all the time, even after getting enough sleep? Are you looking for natural ways to boost your energy and improve your overall well-being? If so, you may want to consider trying adaptogens for energy.

senior adults riding their bikes on a trail by a lake
5 Easy Healthy Physical Activities for Adults

Posted: 02-05-2023

Many people feel they don't have enough time to exercise. But you don't need to schedule a long workout session to get the benefits of exercise. There are plenty of healthy activities you can incorporate into your daily routine.

medical provider holding a clipboard that reads inflammation
Foods That Fight Inflammation

Posted: 01-29-2023

Inflammation occurs when your body activates your immune system by sending out inflammatory cells to attack bacteria or viruses, or to heal damaged tissue. Sometimes, your body may send out these inflammatory cells unnecessarily when you are healthy. This is called chronic inflammation.

a chef in a hat with gears turning depicting thinking
What are AGEs?

Posted: 01-22-2023

Advanced Glycation End Products accumulate naturally throughout your lifetime and are created through cooking certain foods at high temperatures. They are made when protein or fat combine with sugar in the bloodstream in a process called glycation. AGEs can also form within foods during grilling, frying, or toasting.

two people facing opposite directions in thought with a boundary between them
Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Posted: 01-15-2023

Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries within your relationships is becoming a bigger and bigger topic today within families and with mental health and relationship experts. While it may not necessarily be the cure-all to any of your relationship problems, having healthy boundaries with the people in your life is more of a side effect of good self esteem and reasonable expectations of those around you.

woman washing her hands over a bowl
Best Personal Hygiene Practices

Posted: 01-08-2023

Since the mid 1800s, we've had an understanding of the role that germs play in our health and our lives. It was French chemist Louis Pasteur who developed modern germ theory and theorized that bacteria causes infection and disease. Now, almost 200 years later we have a more sophisticated understanding of how to protect our health and prevent illness using a wide array of hygiene practices.

scrabble blocks laid out to spell common sense
10 Common Sense Healthy Choices for Everyone

Posted: 01-01-2023

Healthy living requires you to make healthy choices on a daily basis, but this takes commitment and discipline. Some people value the benefit of nutrition and exercise, but others have trouble prioritizing it into their busy schedules.

young woman looking at phone monitoring trends
4 Trending Health Topics You Should Be Aware Of

Posted: 12-17-2022

With each new year comes innovations in healthcare. Here are some for 2023 you might want to consider and see how they may fit into your wellness lifestyle.

assorted healthy takeout foods
Healthy Takeout Food by Cuisines

Posted: 12-10-2022

We don't always have the option to prepare meals at home, whether it's due to being busy with life's other responsibilities, health conditions that cause fatigue, or situations that make packing a lunch unfeasible.

Takeout was made for these occasions, as well as times when you just want to try something other than your own cooking. No matter how many tries go into recreating a restaurant favorite at home, it rarely tastes quite the same.

glutathione supplement capsules
Glutathione and Your Health: What You Need to Know

Posted: 12-03-2022

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that supports several important bodily functions. Learn more about implementing it into your health routine.

black woman relaxing reading a book in her bathtub
Self-Care and Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Posted: 11-26-2022

Self-care is a term you probably see in plenty of headlines, but often, it seems like one of many health and fitness-related buzzwords. The way that this term is included in the content you scroll past can make it easy to ignore, but self-care as a practice should be an important element of your life.

two monkeys grooming each other depicting a healthy relationship
Healthy Relationships and Your Well-Being

Posted: 11-19-2022

Let's look into the components of healthy relationships, the benefits of having them, the impact of isolation on human health, and how you can take steps to create and keep healthy relationships with others.

lightbulb held up to a sunset depicting fading energy
Recharging Your Energy Levels

Posted: 11-12-2022

Having more energy is simple once you know the causes of low energy and some straightforward solutions to combat low energy levels. This article will explain what you should know about poor energy levels and how to naturally boost them to reach healthy new levels.

illustration of human anatomy from a 360 degree perspective
What is Metabolic Health?

Posted: 11-05-2022

Maybe you've heard a lot about metabolic health, and you're looking for ways to improve your own. On the other hand, perhaps you've never heard of the term, and you're just beginning your journey into health and wellness. Maybe you're somewhere in the middle. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, this article will help you understand your metabolism, metabolic health, and why it is essential to care for.

a bunch of ripened banana peels
Don't Throw Away That Banana Peel Just Yet

Posted: 10-30-2022

When people eat bananas they often discard the peels without a second thought. But what if there was a way to use those banana peels to get the most out of your banana?

senior woman with fitness trainer doing core exercises
Core Exercise for Well-Rounded Adult Fitness

Posted: 10-23-2022

Ever complained of your lower back hurting? How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought you needed a better workout routine to burn the tummy fat that seems to be taking over?

Learn how core exercises can help.

depictions of problems, worry causing stress
5 Things You Can Do Now to Reduce Stress

Posted: 10-17-2022

Most people have experienced significant increases in stress over the past few years as a result of the pandemic, global and USA economic decline, and political division.

Read on to learn 5 simple ways to reduce stress.

Overfed & Undernourished

Posted: 10-03-2022

Changing our eating habits is one of the most challenging parts of getting and staying fit, healthy, and happy. Many Americans struggle with unhealthy eating habits, regularly indulging in processed, fast, and convenient foods. However, no matter how much we eat, we are not getting the nourishment we need from these foods.

woman in a fitness gym sitting on a box used for exercises
What is Functional Fitness?

Posted: 09-26-2022

Being able to squat or benchpress hundreds of pounds will always be impressive, but it's not the most useful skill in everyday life. This is why people need to consider functional fitness. But what is functional fitness really?

Keep reading to find out what the benefits of functional fitness are and whether you should incorporate it into your weekly workout routine.

Capsules with dietary supplements. Ingredients for making food supplements, tinctures, oils, herbs.
How and When to Take Supplements

Posted: 09-11-2022

So how can you keep up with your supplements and make sure that you're taking them correctly? Let's take a look at the best practices so you can make the most of your supplementation.

delicious bowl with organic food including asparagus, potato salad with tempeh and salad with strawberries
What Are the Pros and Cons of Organic Food?

Posted: 09-05-2022

When you go shopping, you see the organic label on food, but do you really know what the best organic food is and if it is the correct option for you?

There are many great benefits to eating organic, as well as some problems. Keep reading to learn the advantages and disadvantages of organic food.

vitamin B illustration showing foods rich in the different types of vitamin B
Vitamin B Complex: The 8 Different B Vitamins

Posted: 08-29-2022

More than half of US adults say they rarely wake up feeling rested. This widespread feeling of tiredness impacts mood, productivity, and overall health.

Our modern lifestyles may be to blame.

group of women holding hands in a circle
How Current Events Have Affected Women's Health

Posted: 08-15-2022

While advancements in medicine are improving women's long-term healthcare options, COVID-19, global unrest, political division, and the declining US economy have seriously increased stress levels for almost everyone, particularly for women. When not managed properly, prolonged stress often leads to increasing health challenges, lower productivity and less joy and fulfillment.

woman with hands over abdomen suffering from bloat
A Complete Guide to Colon and Digestive Health for Women

Posted: 08-08-2022

Whether you're a woman or a man, the colon and digestive system are essential to the overall health of your body. But that doesn't mean there aren't differences in how these systems function between sexes.

woman pondering her thoughts sorting through different ideas
Meditation: How to Focus Better

Posted: 08-01-2022

Do you have trouble focusing at work, school, or home? Luckily, meditation can help.

In this guide, you'll learn how to meditate for focus in your everyday life. With a little effort, you can start seeing results in no time. Read on for helpful tips.

cup of eucalyptus tea
Drink Eucalyptus Tea to Boost Antioxidant Intake and Health Benefits

Posted: 07-25-2022

Today the powers of eucalyptus are a mystery to some. This medicinal plant remains a marquee ingredient of a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about the health benefits of eucalyptus tea and its powerful antioxidant content.

younger woman working at desk having neck pain
What Experts Want You to Know About Good Posture

Posted: 07-18-2022

If you have a desk job, you know what it feels like to stand up after working for a long period of time, grimacing and immediately reaching for your low back or neck, trying to rub out the inevitable kinks. Maybe you sit at home with a heat pack after a long day or climb into the bathtub for some relief.

What you likely didn't realize is that those persistent headaches or nagging aches in your low back could be contributed to poor posture. Luckily, we have a few solutions for you that can help you feel renewed and energized to take on your day.

fresh juices displayed made from natural whole food fruits and vegetables
Juicing Recipes: Targeting Health Benefits

Posted: 07-11-2022

Did you just get a juicer and are now looking for recipes and advice for what to put in your juice? You may be wondering what are the best fruits and vegetables for juicing. You may even want to include healthy superfoods! But what are they?

You have plenty of options at your fingertips. Read on to learn how to put together a juice that taste great and meets your health goals.

fresh, healthy juice from spinach, oranges and limes
Juicing Basics: What You Need to Know

Posted: 07-04-2022

Have you asked: is juicing healthy? For most people who eat a Westernized diet, the answer is a resounding yes!

In a nutshell, juicing is an excellent way to increase your daily servings of fruits and vegetables and prevent chronic illnesses. You'll feel (and look) better, all through one simple technique.

healthy quinoa bowl with arugula, egg, and avocado
5 Healthy Dishes to Take to the 4th of July Gathering

Posted: 06-27-2022

America's birthday is right around the corner. Red, white, and blue will be everywhere - including the food you eat. If you are heading to a party and are looking for healthy dishes to bring, here are a few 4th of July recipes that you will want to make for the event!

kitten sleeping peacefully with covers pulled up in a bed
Do You Suffer From Sleep Procrastination?

Posted: 06-20-2022

Your day was a hectic jumble of work, responsibilities, household chores, and social obligations. All you want to do is crawl into bed and get a good night's sleep. Instead, you end up scrolling through social media for hours, leaving you exhausted again.

This vicious cycle, known as sleep procrastination, is more common than you think! Learn more about its symptoms, causes, and how to put a stop to it.

text gluten free written with a gluten free flour
What Beginners Need to Know About Living Gluten-Free

Posted: 06-12-2022

Changing your diet can be challenging because it usually involves removing certain types of food from your menu. And that is the first point of resistance. But there are significant health benefits to eliminating or minimizing specific foods from your diet-particularly those that contain gluten.

Covid healthcare workers
Long Haul Symptoms of COVID-19

Posted: 06-06-2022

Obviously, COVID has been a major issue in our world since 2020. In fact, there have been over 500 million cases and six million deaths. But, the short-term symptoms of COVID aren't the only concern you need to have. Long-haul COVID is becoming a bigger and bigger issue.

So, how do you know if you have long-haul COVID-19? And how do you treat your symptoms if you do? Read on to learn about the long-haul symptoms of COVID.

illustration of diabetes risk factors and complications
A Guide to Diabetes

Posted: 05-30-2022

Do you know that over 37.3 million Americans have diabetes? That's over 11% of the population. But, what is even more alarming is that over 96 million Americans suffer from a condition called pre-diabetes and are not even aware of it.

But, don't worry because diabetes can be managed. So, read on to find out what is diabetes, what are its symptoms, and how you can treat it.

scrabble letters spelling out the word unplugged with a usb computer cable
Detox Your Mind?

Posted: 05-23-2022

Some would say that technology has taken over too much of our lives. If we're not on our smartphones, we are binging on a trending show or news on the laptop or TV. Our digital devices are always popping up messages and flashing alerts that seem to need our immediate attention. Our obsessions with these devices detaches us from the present moment and may negatively impact our productivity, relationships, and ultimately our health.

an assortment of healthy functional foods for a balanced diet
What Are Functional Foods?

Posted: 05-16-2022

Have you ever wondered how you can enrich your diet further than getting the basic nutrients and energy you need? Then perhaps you should add some functional foods to your daily diet.

African American woman with idea holding a lightbulb
Mental Fitness as Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

Posted: 05-09-2022

Cognitive decline will happen to everyone as they get older. It involves thinking and processing information at a slower pace, moving slower, remembering less information, and having a difficult time putting together sentences.

workout dumbbell on living room floor with man looking at fitness app on phone
Virtual Fitness: Why It's Popular and Here To Stay

Posted: 05-02-2022

If the pandemic has done one good thing for us, it's that more people now understand the value of exercise. Exercise doesn't have to mean going to the gym before work every day. Sometimes, you can get the same structure, level of attention, and motivation as you would in the gym - but in the comfort of your own home.

senior woman exercising with personal trainer
8 Impressive Health Benefits of Building Muscle

Posted: 04-11-2022

Training your muscles isn't only for aesthetic reasons; there are numerous benefits of building muscle for the rest of your overall health too.

Want to learn more about how to build muscle and how it can help you lead a happier, healthier life?

senior couple on beach gazing out at the water
8 Innovative Health Trends in 2022

Posted: 04-04-2022

Not only are people living longer, but aging people are enjoying a much higher quality of life than in years previously. It makes sense that many of the most prominent health trends in recent years have centered around anti-aging and living better for longer.

3d render medical illustration of the adrenal
Adrenal Fatigue: Causes, Symptoms, and Natural Remedies

Posted: 03-27-2022

Adrenal fatigue affects many of us without us even realizing it. There's no test to diagnose adrenal fatigue, so it's hard to know if you are suffering from it.

There are, however, symptoms and causes of the condition that can help you assess whether or not you have it.

What exactly is adrenal fatigue and how can you make lifestyle changes to make sure you don't get it?

raw, healthy food for vegans
Going Vegan: Untold Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Posted: 03-21-2022

The trend towards a vegan diet has been popular for years. Going vegan has numerous health benefits and presents an opportunity to learn more about nutrition and cooking. Want to learn more about how going vegan can help you improve your health and live longer? Keep on reading.

raw, healthy food for vegans
Going Vegan: Untold Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Posted: 03-21-2022

The trend towards a vegan diet has been popular for years. Going vegan has numerous health benefits and presents an opportunity to learn more about nutrition and cooking. Want to learn more about how going vegan can help you improve your health and live longer? Keep on reading.

girl playing a brain puzzle
10 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain and Memory

Posted: 03-07-2022

Keeping your brain healthy involves a combination of a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and social interaction. Certains foods are a better choice than others. Here's some tasty and healthy options.

African American woman sleeping peacefully
The Best Habits for Healthy Sleep

Posted: 02-21-2022

Not sleeping enough can influence your mood, your stress levels, your ability to focus, your relationships, and even cause you to make poor exercise and diet decisions. Want to learn how to get more healthy sleep? Keep reading to learn healthy sleeping tips and habits.

collection of healthy foods depicting different macronutrients in the diet
How to Use Macronutrients in Your Diet

Posted: 02-14-2022

We all need macronutrients to stay healthy. But what are they and how can you use a macronutrient diet? The amount of macronutrients you get in your diet is important but so is the source of those macros.

In this article, we'll explain the difference between micronutrients and macronutrients and how to build a healthy diet.

older woman next to two other women of different ages reflecting upon her youth
8 Tips to Look Younger

Posted: 02-07-2022

Who among us over the age of 40 does not want to look younger and feel more energetic? The good news is that there are things we can do to take better care of ourselves that will help with not only our appearance but also our overall health and wellbeing.

large pink lips on woman's face depicting healthy skin from collagen
12 Collagen-Rich Foods for a Healthier Body

Posted: 01-31-2022

You may have heard of collagen, but do you know what it does in our body? Keeping a healthier body means we need to include a focus on collagen-rich foods. Keep reading to find a guide for meeting your body's collagen needs.

Assortment of Unhealthy Food including burgers, chips, sodas, pizza, donuts, etc. Unhealthy eating, junk food concept.
How to Improve Your Gut Health by Avoiding These 13 Toxic Foods

Posted: 01-24-2022

We've all heard the phrase "You are what you eat," but there's more truth to it than you can ever imagine! Being aware of what you eat and avoiding toxic foods will improve your gastrointestinal health. Keep reading to learn which foods to avoid for a healthier, happier gut.

young girl inactive looking extremely bored
What's a Sedentary Lifestyle? The Risks Plus the Benefits of Exercise

Posted: 01-15-2022

Are you living a sedentary lifestyle? Many of us are. We don't move our bodies as much as we used to. Here's why a sedentary lifestyle can be bad for your health and simple, positive lifestyle changes to help improve your life.

hand changing reality over a nature background showing weather changing used to depict health behavioral change
Making Healthy Lifestyle Behavioral Change

Posted: 01-10-2022

Making any significant change in life is hard. Most of our behaviors, whether healthy or not, are learned from the people and environments we associate with. Overtime our behaviors (whether unhealthy or healthy) have real consequences to our health and well-being. While change is often hard, it is achieve-able and worth it.

assorted fruits and vegetables including avocado, tomatoes, lemons, asparagus, and onions
Investigating Low Carb Diet Meal Plans: Are Carbs the Real Culprit?

Posted: 01-03-2022

Diets low in carbohydrates have become very faddy over the last few years. Whether it's keto diets or low carb diets, the marketing around this way of eating has been potent.

However, does cutting the carbs really help you with sustainable weight loss? Keep reading to learn more about low-carb diet meal plans.

illustration of man with a face holding a masked face in his hand
13 Fun Facts About the Human Body

Posted: 12-20-2021

Many of the processes your body carries out on a day-to-day basis go unnoticed, and you take for granted that everything keeps ticking over.

It's often only when things go wrong that we start to realize how intricate and fascinating our bodies are. For this reason, it's essential to keep healthy and look after every part of our body.

Young woman with a smug expression holding a ladle in the kitchen
5 Suggestions for a Healthier Home and Lifestyle

Posted: 12-13-2021

Growing healthy homes isn't as easy as putting it on your to-do list and wishing, hoping, desiring that it comes true. It requires a bit of work and planning. Keep reading for some tips on how to create a healthy home that's an all-rounder.

traditional Japanese sushi
Food Allergy vs. Sensitivity

Posted: 12-06-2021

Most of us have heard of food allergies. Not as many are aware of food sensitivities. The problem with these labels is that they are often confused by laypeople, who assume they have a food allergy when they have a food sensitivity.

Why does that matter? Well, because you will need to take different measures when it comes to food allergy vs. sensitivity.

broccoli is a cruciferous-vegetable
Why Should I Eat Cruciferous Vegetables?

Posted: 11-29-2021

If you are interested in eating healthier, one easy way to do this is by adding cruciferous vegetables to your daily meal plan. Cruciferous vegetables' benefits are many, and this article will outline a few of them to get you motivated and inspired to include this humble vegetable category in your diet.

finger pointing at heart illustration 10 different aspects of health
A Guide to the 7 Dimensions of Wellness

Posted: 11-15-2021

Good health isn't just about what you eat or working out regularly. There are several other layers to living in balance.

Do you want to improve your well-being, longevity, and quality of life? Then keep on reading our guide to learn about the seven dimensions of wellness.

street sign depicting Healthy Lifestyle Just Ahead
15 Beneficial Healthy Habits to Start Today

Posted: 10-27-2021

A few simple lifestyle changes can make a world of difference. By making minor tweaks to your daily routine, you can slowly develop healthier habits.

Want to know how to move towards a healthier life? Here are some ideas of healthy habits to start with.

practitioner preparing for acupuncture on a woman's neck
The Common Types of Alternative Medicine

Posted: 10-21-2021

What are the benefits of alternative medicine, and why should you try it? The term CAM stands for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and refers to any medicine or therapy outside standard, mainstream medical care.

This guide provides an overview of different types of alternative medicine.

amino acid chain with a carboxyl group of molecules bound to an amino group
What You Should Know About Amino Acids

Posted: 10-14-2021

What are amino acids, how can we get them, and what do they do? Amino acids are the foundation of life; all plants and animals need them to be alive.

Keep reading to learn more about amino acids.

young woman applying body lotion to the back of her hand
8 Benefits of Body Lotions

Posted: 10-07-2021

Are you looking for that glowing, healthy skin? Applying body lotion is among the few low-cost ways for individuals to pamper themselves. Continue reading to discover the eight key benefits of using body lotions.

stressed out woman at her desk
The Ultimate Stress Survival Guide: What You Need to Know

Posted: 09-27-2021

We live busy lives, and sometimes the expectations from our job, families, social lives and society at large can leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and unable to cope.

There are many causes for chronic stress, and everyone will notice different stress symptoms.

things related to weight loss including healthy foods , exercise equipment and a journal
How to Find the Best Weight Loss Program for You

Posted: 09-07-2021

You can reduce the risk of suffering health issues by following a weight loss program that fits into your lifestyle. You could soon enjoy fantastic benefits such as an improved mood, better mobility, and reduced cholesterol levels. The key is to cut through the noise and find the weight-loss strategies that are most likely to work for you.

network of neurons simulating brain activity
Do Neurons Make You Smarter?

Posted: 08-30-2021

The easiest way to think of a brain neuron is as an information messenger. They are the most fundamental cells in the human brain. They are the very core of our nervous system. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the function of brain neurons and how faster neurons can make you smarter.

aloe vera plant
What Happens if You Drink Aloe Vera Every Day?

Posted: 08-19-2021

What is aloe vera? It's a green plant with spikey leaves which contain a sticky gel inside them. This gel is most commonly known for its soothing properties, which can be put on sunburn.

a woman showing off her loose fitting jeans after weight loss
10 Scientific Ways to Lose Weight

Posted: 08-07-2021

Between all of the trending diets and celebrity-endorsed exercise programs, the world of weight loss has become polluted with false advice and incredibly confusing. It's no wonder that the vast majority of those trying to lose weight inevitably fail. If you're tired of struggling and want some practical help to lose weight, you're in luck. Follow along to discover 10 science-backed tips and tricks to shed your excess pounds.

younger attractive woman staring sadly out a window looking at the rain
8 Tips to Manage Mood Swings

Posted: 07-31-2021

A mood disorder can impact every area of your life, from your work to your relationships and how you choose to spend your free time. There are several healthy habits you can adopt in your life to help manage mood swings.

woman in bathrobe applying skin care product to her face
Anti-Aging: Skin Care That Will Keep You Young

Posted: 07-24-2021

Nailing your skincare routine can seem pretty overwhelming. Don't worry; we have you covered. Want to look younger well into your 50s? Then follow the tips in this skin care guide.

an assortment of fresh, healthy foods suitable for inclusion in a rotation diet
Using a Rotation Diet

Posted: 07-17-2021

Our modern diets contain foods our bodies react badly to. We eat on the go and have an abundance of convenience and processed foods at our fingertips.

Using a rotation diet is a great way to find out which foods you are intolerant to. It can also be a great way to lose some excess pounds.

illustration of male liver
Liver Care: Cleansing Tips for a Healthier Liver

Posted: 07-10-2021

Everything you eat and drink is passed through your liver; it removes toxins from your body and metabolizes your food. It turns fats, carbs, and proteins into energy for your body to use. If you want to have a healthier liver, there are several lifestyle changes you can make. Let's take a look at how to make a tired liver healthy again.

glass of water with green apple
How to Drink More Water

Posted: 07-03-2021

Most people know water is essential to their health and that drinking more of it can only help you. But if you struggle to get in your daily dose of water, how can you trick yourself to make sure you drink more water everyday?

younger woman applying skin care cream
10 Reasons Why You Should Start Exfoliating More

Posted: 06-26-2021

There are many benefits of regularly exfoliating your skin, both face, and body. Want to know what those benefits are? Then check out these 10 top reasons to start exfoliating.

blond woman smiling with lemon halves over her eyes
How to Boost Your Immune System for COVID

Posted: 06-19-2021

Is it possible to boost your immune system naturally? The short answer is yes; there are many simple lifestyle changes we can make to improve the health of our immune system.

The Importance of Probiotics: Everything You Need to Know

Posted: 06-12-2021

Is taking a probiotic supplement worth it? Aren't probiotics made from bacteria? Shouldn't we avoid unnecessary bacteria? Read on to answer your probiotics questions.

outdoor potted plant after pruning and replanting
A Time for Healing & Restoration

Posted: 06-05-2021

The thing about living is that if we live long enough, most of us will experience a lot of love, success, and joy but also a lot of failure, loss, and sadness. This past year has been a challenging time for many, no matter how long you have lived.

However, there is hope.

facts vs myths written out on a chalkboard
5 Common Nutrition Myths Dispelled in 2021

Posted: 05-24-2021

There is a-lot of information online, in magazines, on TV, and from friends about dieting. Much of this advice is conflicting. We are here to dispel some of those myths about nutrition so you can make better-informed decisions about your wellbeing. Let's dive in, shall we?

woman examining her facial skin in the bathroom mirror
What's the Big Deal About Collagen?

Posted: 05-17-2021

You have probably heard of collagen and the hype surrounding it. From putting it in smoothies to having collagen injections to improve your looks, collagen is having a moment.

a collection of citrus fruits including oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes
5 Common Signs of Vitamin Deficiency

Posted: 05-11-2021

You would think with the abundance of foods available to us that we would all be well nourished. Sadly, about 50% of the foods we eat are heavily processed and nutritionally void. How can you tell if you have a deficiency without taking a blood test? Let's take a look at some of the common signs of vitamin deficiency and how to introduce better nutrition into our lives.

omega supplement softgels
Omega 3, 6, or 9? What Is the Difference?

Posted: 05-05-2021

There are different types of fats; saturated and unsaturated (which includes monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats). Essential fatty acids are part of the group of healthy fats, including Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9. What can you eat to enrich your diet in healthy fats? Which fatty acids are the most important? This article will break down the answers to these questions.

globe depicting social connections between people of different ages and ethnicities
How to Find Healthy Social Activities in Your Local Community

Posted: 04-29-2021

Social activities and meeting people are good for our mental and physical health. They provide an opportunity to interact with others intellectually, emotionally, and may even involve physical exercise. Consider these options for finding the best events and activities in your local community, so you never miss out.

Infection of Alimentary Canal
Healing the Gut with an Elimination Diet

Posted: 04-21-2021

Many of us struggle with maintaining balanced gut bacteria and optimal gut health. Want to know what is causing you tummy trouble? Why not try an elimination diet?

chalkboard writing says boost your metabolism accompanies by fruit, dumbbell and measuring tape
7 Supplements to Boost Metabolism

Posted: 04-15-2021

We all know that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise are essential for staying healthy. Did you know that supplementing your diet with the right vitamins and minerals can help maintain a healthy weight? Some vitamins and minerals can even help boost our metabolism.

collection of superfoods
Adding Superfoods to Your Diet

Posted: 04-08-2021

We have all heard of the term superfoods. But what does it mean? What are these foods that supposedly have numerous health benefits? How much of these foods should we be eating, and are they beneficial?

healthcare provider consulting with patient via a video conference on the internet
The Advantages of Virtual Healthcare

Posted: 04-01-2021

Over the past year, due to COVID-19, virtual healthcare has taken the world by storm. Telemedicine offers many people a chance to receive virtual medical support.

green tea extract in a bowl
The Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Posted: 03-29-2021

Did you know that green tea is one of the most unprocessed types of tea? Green tea doesn't go through the same oxidization process that other teas do. Drinking green tea has long been associated with numerous health benefits and is featured on multiple lists of healthy tips.

woman holding a digital blood sugar monitor in her hand on table with healthy foods
10 Supplements for Diabetics to Support Health and Wellness

Posted: 03-25-2021

Diabetes is a serious life-long condition that affects over 34 million people across the United States. If you're looking to better manage this condition, for you or a loved one, here are supplements for diabetics to consider including in their supplement regimen.

man taking a supplement with a glass of water
Why Take a CoQ10 Supplement?

Posted: 03-21-2021

Produced naturally by the body, CoQ10 is a fat-soluble substance. It is a powerful antioxidant and helps turn food into energy. Let's dig a little deeper into why this nutrient is vital for us, what conditions it can help with, and the benefits of a CoQ10 supplement.

balance ball, dumbbells, rope, medicine ball and other fitness equipment
Affordable Home Fitness Equipment and Exercises for Adults

Posted: 03-15-2021

The benefits of regular exercise are endless. Not only does it keep us physically healthy, but it also impacts our mental health. In addition, exercise is proven to reduce our risk of developing chronic illnesses and diseases such as diabetes and dementia.

assorted vitamin capsules and tablets in different shapes and sizes
What is Zinc Glycinate Used For?

Posted: 03-09-2021

Why is zinc so crucial to human health? What are the main bodily functions it impacts? What happens if you don't get enough zinc? Let's take a look at the answers to these questions below.

woman using her hands to illustrate where the gut microbiome is on her body
How to Improve Microbiome Imbalance

Posted: 03-07-2021

How can you ensure you maintain a healthy gut? What daily lifestyle changes can you make to keep stomach upsets and digestive problems at bay? Try these tips and you should see improvements in your digestion in no time.

healthcare provider measuring a patient's blood pressure
What is the True Cost of Poor Health?

Posted: 03-04-2021

Chronic illness is running rampant in the U.S. and it's costing us more than just our health. 3.8 trillion dollars is spent on healthcare every year. That money doesn't go to curing the diseases. It's only diagnosing conditions, pain management, and slowing the diseases from getting worse. The financial cost of poor health is significant and something people need to educate themselves about.

vitamin d supplements in assorted shapes and sizes
Vitamin D and Mental Health

Posted: 02-27-2021

Vitamin D is commonly known as the 'sunshine vitamin.' This is simply because, when exposed to the sun, our bodies produce the vitamin. Let's take a look at what the science shows about how this vital vitamin impacts our mental health. 

doctor holding a sign that says chronic disease
The Prevalence of Chronic Disease

Posted: 02-22-2021

Everyone has likely heard of chronic diseases. But few people know just how prevalent they are. They have been on the rise for several generations and are seriously impacting our health, finances, and productivity.

healthy assortment of whole foods arrayed in a salad bowl
Why is Eating Healthy So Hard?

Posted: 02-18-2021

Why is maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle so tricky? What everyday factors are hindering our progress in eating well every day? We will break down the reasons your diet may be failing you and what you can do about it.

Global Economy Concept with Sphere Globe and Stacked Coins
The Global Wellness Economy

Posted: 02-12-2021

The use of the term wellness has been growing exponentially over the past decade, but what does it mean? What is the definition of the wellness economy? Why is the global wellness industry worth US$4.5 trillion?

attractive woman sleeping comfortably
Can You Burn Fat While You Sleep?

Posted: 02-02-2021

You may know that energy burns fat. Being active and eating right helps guide our metabolism towards weight loss. A factor we don't often consider, however, is that your body is also able to burn fat while you sleep. For many, it may sound too good to be true. And you may be thinking that you already get decent sleep, so why am I not losing weight? Though you can't depend on sleep for an overall weight-loss plan, there are tips and tricks that will support healthy sleep patterns and in turn, additional weight loss. 

pescatarian diet plan ingredients, healthy balanced grocery food, fresh fruit, berries, fish and shellfish clams
Vegetarian Diet Versus Pescatarian Diet - Which is Better?

Posted: 01-30-2021

No one knows your nutritional needs better than you do. Learning to be the healthiest version of yourself means finding a diet that makes you feel good - energized, refreshed, and happy. If you are considering changing your diet to lose weight, get healthier, or prevent chronic disease there are lots of options to choose from. Two of the most popular, easy-to-follow diet choices are the vegetarian diet and the pescatarian diet.

cup of matcha green tea
5 Ways Matcha Can Improve Your Health

Posted: 01-25-2021

Coffee shops all over the country are adding matcha tea to their menus. In some areas, you can even find matcha tea cafes. But there's more to matcha than lattes. You can even find matcha in baked goods, smoothies, and in supplement form. Why are people going crazy over this bright green powder?

functional medicine healthcare provider consulting with a client
What Is Functional Medicine?

Posted: 01-20-2021

The human body is an incredibly complex system and we have come so far in how we understand what it does. There are numerous ways of thinking, ideologies, and theories that have merged from the medical field. Just as different as those theories, what is even more different is each person's need when it comes to health and wellness. There is no one size fits all approach. That's where functional medicine comes into play. Read on to learn everything you need to know about functional medicine so you can make the best decision for your health!

items in wellness plan including healthy foods, exercise equipments, water, and others
How to Incorporate Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamin C Into Your Wellness Plan

Posted: 01-11-2021

Our bodies are made up of countless different interconnected parts that are constantly interacting with one another. For optimal health, there are a long list of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that our bodies need to function properly. How can you ensure that you are getting everything you need to be a healthy and happy person? Let's take a look at how to incorporate Vitamin D, Zinc, and Vitamin C into your wellness plan.

whole foods vegetables on display
Whole Foods Plant-Based (WFPB) Diet

Posted: 01-04-2021

How many times have you jumped on-board the diet train with high hopes of weight loss and improved health, only to discover limited food choices, difficulty staying on-track, and few measurable health benefits? Diet fads come and go, but one - the whole foods, plant-based diet (WFPB)- isn't a fad.

Mother and baby in home office with laptop
Work From Home Opportunity in the Wellness Industry

Posted: 12-29-2020

With the onset of COVID-19, changes to the political landscape, and the uncertainty these have brought into nearly all aspects of our lives, many individuals and families are seeking to have more choice and control over their health, finances, work environment, and time. This presents an opportunity to take a look at home-based businesses.

FirstFitness Nutrition provides an opportunity to change your life physically and financially earning part-time to full-time income promoting their line of Wellness products from the comfort of your home.

mother working at home on computer with baby
Impact to Life at Home Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted: 12-24-2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that we have been living our lives this year.  Time Magazine has declared 2020 to be "The Worst Year Ever". Much of the world has moved to live life mostly indoors as social distancing has affected everyone to some degree.

modern gym interior with fitness equipment
Staying Safe at the Gym During COVID-19

Posted: 12-23-2020

Did you know that, according to a national study that analyzed over 4.9 million health clubs, only 0.0023% tested positive for COVID-19? Gyms are doing all they can to keep their gym members safe, and this statistic proves it.

a woman's belly with hands depicting a colon cleanse
Is a Colon Cleanse the Same as a Detox? Important Facts to Know

Posted: 12-19-2020

These days, more people are looking for ways to stay healthy. Most of us have heard about detoxes and cleanses. We see them advertised on the internet and TV, and likely each of us has a friend that swears by their success.  So, what are they and how do they differ?

healthy and unhealthy foods on four forks show a continuum from healthy to unhealthy depicting the standard American diet
What Is the Standard American Diet (SAD)?

Posted: 12-17-2020

How aware are you of what's going into your body? Are you eating to live or living to eat? In reality, we all have different nutritional needs, but the standard American diet (SAD) doesn't suit most of them (or most people, for that matter). Your diet might be making you sick, sluggish, and at-risk.

open door that reads Better Quality of Life!
What Does it Really Mean to Live Better?

Posted: 12-08-2020

Our sense of wellbeing depends on a host of factors ranging from our state of health to the level of fulfillment we experience in relationships and in intellectual, spiritual, and occupational pursuits. In short, by seeking to live better, we increase our chances of a happier, healthier life.

shopping cart with cardboard boxes sitting on a computer keyboard for e-commerce shopping
A Stay at Home Wellness Guide: Shopping from Home

Posted: 12-07-2020

Working at home begins with wellness at home. If you once had an office job, you probably thought that getting home and being at home were at-home wellness activities in and of themselves.

child and her grandmother gardening at home
A Stay at Home Wellness Guide: Entertaining at Home

Posted: 12-06-2020

Healthy entertainment at home is important to our happiness and wellbeing, especially when we are spending more time there than normal. Consider these ideas for fun and entertaining activities you can do at home.

e-learning depicting methods and options for getting education on the internet
A Stay at Home Wellness Guide: Learning from Home

Posted: 12-05-2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 93% of households with school-age children were participating in some form of distance learning. This means that the way the children are being educated has dramatically shifted. Let's take a look at how you and your children can be learning from home while also maintaining mental and physical wellness.

A Stay at Home Wellness Guide: Working from Home

Posted: 11-30-2020

With more people working from home than ever before, consider these tips for integrating work into your home-life in a healthier way.

active senior man exercising at home with balance ball and hand dumbbells
A Stay at Home Wellness Guide: Exercise

Posted: 11-24-2020

Physical activity is a great way to facilitate better health and reduce stress. While we are spending more time at home, consider these suggestions to alter activities you are likely already doing, to provide more movement in your daily routines.

stay at home wellness guide book cover
A Stay at Home Wellness Guide

Posted: 11-16-2020

Since the onset of COVID-19 in early 2020, more people are spending time at home. This is impacting all aspects of our life and living including how we eat, exercise, work, further our education, worship, shop, and enjoy entertainment, just to name a few important things. This six part series provides tips and common sense for how we can live a happier and healthier life while spending more time at home, or any other place for that matter.

relaxing after a bicycle ride
A Review of NuMedica's History, Products, and Mission

Posted: 11-10-2020

There are hundreds of brands of supplements to choose from that vary significantly in quality and effectiveness. Since 2010 has been carrying NuMedica because of their consistent, professional-grade quality and expansive product-line coverage. We thought some of you would like to know a little bit more about the company, their products, and why they remain elite in the midst of a very competitive Wellness market.

ginger roots and tumeric powder
Top 10 Benefits of Incorporating Turmeric into Your Diet

Posted: 11-05-2020

Turmeric has been used by humans for thousands of years, with the oldest known use dating back to Indian Vedic culture almost 4000 years ago.

two ladies running on treadmills
9 Workout Tips for Staying in Shape During the Holidays

Posted: 11-04-2020

Let's face it, the holidays are a notorious time for eating and drinking outside of our usual habits. With a busier-than-usual schedule, it's a time in which many of us fall behind on our exercise regime. When we pair these two factors together, it's no wonder that so many of us experience holiday weight gain.

baked chicken and vegetables
8 Great Fall Recipes for Weight Loss

Posted: 11-01-2020

Healthy eating can be difficult at any time of the year. But as the weather cools and the holiday season approaches, fall is often an especially tough time to stay on track.

woman stressed out holding hands over face
The Most Effective Ways to Deal With Stress Weight Loss

Posted: 10-24-2020

Currently, three-quarters of Americans experience moderate to high levels of stress. In small doses, periodic stress can be good. Stress can improve motivation, resilience, and cognitive function.

Woman Shopping with List in Grocery Store for Dairy Free Foods
What Can You Eat on a Dairy-Free Foods Diet?

Posted: 10-14-2020

The average American eats just under two cups of dairy products every day. But you're not the average American.

Instead, you've decided to forego dairy products. It could be that you're one of the 50 million people in the United States who is lactose intolerant. Or, you might just want to skip dairy for ethical or personal reasons.

woman with hair loss and receding hairline
Thinning Hair? The Best Supplements to Help Regain Your Hairline

Posted: 10-05-2020

Hair loss is an all-too-common issue for both men and women. Healthcare experts routinely see patients concerned about hair loss but, in many instances, those patients can take steps to minimize or halt additional hair loss. However, that's not always true, which means everyone should understand a few hair loss basics.

herbal medicine and herbs used in supplements
Vitamins: Multi-Vitamin or Single Supplements? What You Need to Know

Posted: 09-27-2020

What exactly are vitamins? People believe that vitamins are good for them, and for that reason alone, many people take them. Some individuals supplement with individual vitamins while others pop a multi-vitamin. How does one know when they have received what they need from their vitamins? Can you take too many vitamins? Which ones? Learn about vitamins, the benefits they offer, and the best way to take them.

take away lunch box with fresh salad, chicken also depicting meal planner
Sticking to Your New Meal Plan: Five Tips That Will Help You Eat Healthier for Life

Posted: 09-22-2020

Creating a meal plan is always an important step, but sticking to it is what really matters. You could spend many hours developing a health-enhancing meal plan only to fall back on old, bad eating habits within days or weeks.

woman with yellow apple in mouth that says detox
9 Ways to Naturally Detox and Cleanse Your Body

Posted: 09-16-2020

The concept of a cleanse or detox can be a scary one for someone who's never done it before. Though most people think of stringent exercise routines and bland, boring soup diets, this is no longer the case. There are many ways to detoxify the body naturally and easily, bringing revitalization and healing. In this guide, you'll learn 9 ways to perform a natural body detox.

dinner plate with wooden utensils depicting time to illustrate intermittent fasting
Intermittent Fasting 101: What It Is, How It Works, and Its Benefits

Posted: 09-08-2020

If you're looking to lose weight, boost your energy, and increase your overall health, intermittent fasting is worth investigating. Read on to learn more and explore its basic principles, plans, and benefits.

Female Feet Standing on Road with White Arrows
How to Choose the Right Dietary Supplements for You

Posted: 08-11-2020

Vitamins and dietary supplements seem to be everywhere, from drug stores to online shops. Single nutrients, multivitamins, fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and weight loss helpers are all considered dietary supplements. There's a lot to choose from, which can make the selection process quite confusing.

Plant-based and animal sources of Omega-3 acids
Why You Should Choose Omega-3 Rich Foods in Your Diet

Posted: 08-03-2020

For years, health experts have touted the benefits of consuming omega-3 fatty acids, but most people don't understand why they are essential. Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for the health of your body's cell membranes and provide benefits for blood vessels, immune systems, lungs, and endocrine systems.

think about the common sense things you can do to live a healthier life
Common Sense for Living a Healthier Life

Posted: 07-23-2020

An estimated 95 percent of the world's population suffers from some type of medical condition according to recent reports from the healthcare sector. More than a third live with as many as five simultaneous health issues.1 At the same time, one in four people currently suffer from a mental illness, and this number is expected to increase during the years to come.

mother cooking healthy food with young son and daughter
Lifestyle Choices, Nutrition & Quality Supplements

Posted: 07-15-2020

Think back to the time of your great-grandparents. What types of food did people eat back then? For the most part they ate what they could grow on their land or what they got locally from a Farmer's market or some other community-based food supply. So what happened to our food? Why are so many of us sick, overweight and tired?

senior woman drinking a glass of water
8 Simple Ways to Keep Hydrated Throughout the Day

Posted: 06-23-2020

Most people don't drink enough water. Sure, they take in enough liquids to survive, but they don't get the benefits that are available when water is the drink of choice and when they're able to stay adequately hydrated. Read below to learn more about why you need to be hydrated throughout the day, how it can help you, and ways to start boosting your water intake each day.

handsome upset man sitting looking stressed
5 Ways To Destress And Improve Overall Health

Posted: 06-15-2020

Stress is a natural reaction to any challenging or threatening event in life. When you're waiting for the results of a diagnostic procedure or when another driver suddenly swerves into your lane, your nervous system releases hormones like adrenalin and cortisol that help to activate the "fight or flight" response. You become more alert, your heart rate quickens, and you breathe faster.

modern grocery store with gluten free and dairy free foods on the outer isles
Help for Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Living

Posted: 05-24-2020

Eliminating or minimizing Gluten and Dairy from your diet isn't necessary for everyone but some certainly benefit from making these lifestyle changes. Regardless, we all benefit from eating more natural, whole foods and less processed foods. Learn more about gluten-free and dairy-free nutrition options and take advantage of the educational resources, shopping list, and recipes.

human with shield in front of gut reflecting objects attacking him
Our Immune System Health & Lifestyle Choices

Posted: 04-08-2020

Most people know that the immune system is responsible for fighting off pathogens and ensuring ongoing good health, but few are aware of the interaction between the immune system and the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This relationship is mediated by a complex community of gut bacteria, known collectively as the gut microbiome.

Learn more about how our lifestyle choices affect our immune health and practical things we can do to live better today.

illustration of body joints including hand, should, knee, ankle
4 Tips For Protecting Your Joints

Posted: 09-08-2019

Being active is essential when trying to avoid serious health conditions like high blood pressure or heart disease. Working out or participating in a sport is something most people find enjoyable. While these activities can be fun, they can also put a strain on your body.

woman running with battery strapped to back
Safe Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

Posted: 08-02-2019

Going in and giving 110 percent at work is the only way to achieve your long-term goals. While most employees plan to work hard every day, their body may not always cooperate. If you are dealing with low energy levels, it is only a matter of time before your work performance starts to suffer.

quality level dial from low to high
The Importance of Investing in Professional-Grade Supplements

Posted: 05-02-2019

Many consumers believe that supplements and vitamins fall into a single category of efficiency. After all, if you go to the local store and look at two bottles of the same supplement they probably have the same ingredients listed on them. What more could be involved?

NuMedica Introduces Nutrition Focus Formulas

Posted: 04-05-2019

In April 2019 NuMedica introduced four new professional supplement kits optimized for Immune, Adipose, Cardiovascular, and Glycemic support.

elderly woman uses NuMedica supplements regularly
NuMedica Has Given Me Back My Life!

Posted: 12-28-2018

"Mom do you remember" my son would say and then go on to describe some past event. I had to say no to most of the events. That really bothered me ...

excellence is a standard to be desired
Why Spend the Money for Professional-Grade Supplements?

Posted: 11-28-2018

The term professional-grade is used to create a clear distinction between the quality of supplements used by healthcare practitioners compared to those used by the majority of consumers who buy over-the-counter. Professional-grade speaks to sourcing methods and quality of the ingredients used, the reliability of the manufacturing process, and efficacy of the quality assurance testing process. These work together to insure the supplement minimally meets and generally exceeds the standards documented on the supplement label.

Rusty chain links illustrating the cellular oxidative process.
How Antioxidants Slow the Aging Process and Help Prevent Disease

Posted: 01-07-2017

Oxidation is involved in aging and many other disease processes. Our bodies use antioxidants to oppose the cell oxidation process. Learn about some healthy food options and NuMedica antioxidant supplements that can help.

large wooden Trojan Horse
Liposomes - A Trojan Horse for Supplement Effectivity?

Posted: 12-23-2016

Many factors are involved in how efficiently a supplement gets absorbed into the body where it is intended to go. Scientific research has shown that many tablet, capsule and liquid vitamins and supplements have an average bio-availability and absorption rate of only 5-20%. Liposomes are purported to increase the bioavailability and absorption rate by up to 80% in some cases.

Learn more about NuMedica's new line of advanced liposomal professional-grade supplements.

How to Grocery Shop and What to Eat

Posted: 09-22-2015

Learn practical tips for healthy and affordable grocery shopping and consider using a list similar to the recommended natural, whole foods grocery shopping list provided to get you off to a good start!

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