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lightbulb held up to a sunset depicting fading energy

Recharging Your Energy Levels

  blog post author icon   blog post published date icon   11/12/22

Exercise  Hydration  Nutrition  Sleep  Stress  Supplements  

Having more energy is simple once you know the causes of low energy and some straightforward solutions to combat low energy levels. This article will explain what you should know about poor energy levels and how to naturally boost them to reach healthy new levels.

lightbulb held up to a sunset depicting fading energy

Recharging Your Energy Levels

  blog post author icon   blog post published date icon   11/12/22

Exercise  Hydration  Nutrition  Sleep  Stress  Supplements  

Having more energy is simple once you know the causes of low energy and some straightforward solutions to combat low energy levels. This article will explain what you should know about poor energy levels and how to naturally boost them to reach healthy new levels.

The Best Healthy Ways to Recharge Your Energy Levels

Energy is everything to a happy and productive day. You might make a list of plans for what you want to accomplish in a day, only to find yourself tired and unmotivated. If this is the case, you must find a way to reach a healthy energy level through simple lifestyle changes to help you recharge.

What Causes Poor Energy Levels?

Before you can find a solution to low energy levels, you need to understand the causes. If you are falling short of a healthy energy level, look into what might be causing your exhaustion. Below are a few common causes of poor energy levels that might apply to you.

Lack of Exercise

Individuals who don’t get enough exercise might experience poor energy levels that cause constant fatigue and exhaustion. Exercising will help you feel less tired long-term and boost your overall energy levels.

Increased energy is possible by adjusting your lifestyle to include more exercise. Start off small and build yourself up—ideally, set a goal of 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise per week if you are unaccustomed to exercising regularly.

Not Enough Sleep

A prominent cause of low energy levels is not getting enough sleep. Without high-quality sleep health, your energy levels will likely remain lower than ideal. Finding practical solutions to your sleep problems can make a massive difference in how high your energy levels are on an average day.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Problems with your mitochondria could be behind your low energy levels. If you can’t reach a healthy energy level, mitochondrial dysfunction might be one of the causes. Mitochondria produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary energy source in your cells.

Mitochondrial dysfunction could cause fatigue and poor energy levels because your ATP relies on healthy mitochondria. A healthy ATP is essential to functioning daily. Supplements are available to improve mitochondria function and recharge energy. For instance, NuMedica Mitochondrial Recharge may help improve mitochondrial function and support your ATP to reach healthy energy levels.

Lifestyle Behaviors

Another common reason behind poor energy levels is unhealthy lifestyle behaviors. These unhealthy habits may impact every part of your life, and your energy levels are no exception. Below are some of the most common lifestyle behaviors preventing a healthy energy level.

  • Alcohol or drug consumption
  • Excess or lack of physical activity
  • Poor diet
  • Medications regularly used, such as antihistamines
  • Consuming too much caffeine
  • Not drinking enough water
  • High levels of stress caused by external factors and behaviors

Healthy and Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

Now that you know the primary causes of poor energy levels, it’s time to discover how to recharge your energy using healthy, natural methods. How we acquire and sustain our energy levels determines our productivity and satisfaction with our lives. Try these natural and simple ways to improve your energy if you are continuously struggling with poor energy levels.

Implement Functional Foods

Functional foods are nutrient-dense foods that massively benefit your body’s energy levels. These foods offer exceptional nutrition to help prevent disease, improve energy levels, and boost your overall health and well-being.

Functional foods are often fortified and enhanced by extra nutrients. With the right combination of functional foods added to your diet, you can reach healthy energy levels, improve your moods, and become more productive.

Cut Out Stimulating Sources Before Bed

Preparing your body and mind for bed is crucial to improving your sleeping habits while recharging your energy levels. Cutting off electronics before bedtime can improve your chances of getting restful, healthy sleep and prevent a productive day ahead of you.

Too much stimulation from electronics before bed leads to poor sleep quality. If you often reach for your electronics before getting ready to sleep, remove any distractions from your bedroom. Devices like your phone or laptop can make it challenging to have energy the following day.

Make an Exercise Schedule

Exercise is one of the best natural solutions to recharge your energy levels. An exercise schedule will improve your sleep and provide your cells with extra energy to burn. Exercise also helps circulate oxygen throughout your body and boosts dopamine levels to improve your mood.

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine can combat low energy levels, reduce fatigue, improve sleep, lower emotional exhaustion, and boost cognitive functions. Exercise is an excellent, natural strategy to recharge and improve overall well-being.

Practice Stress-Relief Strategies

Stress can drain your energy and leave you unmotivated and exhausted from simple tasks. Stress-induced emotions consume large portions of your body’s energy. To combat overwhelming stress levels, consider natural stress management practices to find peace of mind, rest your body, and recharge your energy.

Depending on the cause of your stress, it might be challenging to remove stress from your life entirely. Setup healthy boundaries where you reasonably can to help mitigate sources of stress in your environment. Make priority time to relax, walk, practice mindfulness, or read something you enjoy to help lower your stress levels and boost your energy. Lowering lifestyle-related stress levels will help you lead a more productive and energetic life.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated will help you reach a healthy energy level and improve your quality of life. Water enhances your performance, helps you get through energy-intensive activities, and lowers overall fatigue.

Less Caffeine, More Herbal Teas

You might be disappointed to know that too much coffee can negatively affect your energy levels in the long run if you rely too heavily on caffeine. However, herbal tea is a beautiful, all-natural alternative to improve energy levels without worrying about stimulants and harmful ingredients.

Seek herbal teas with nutritional properties, such as specific vitamins or antioxidants, to protect your cells. Something as simple as a cup of green tea offers practical solutions to your low energy levels while also containing anti-aging and radical-fighting properties to boost your overall health.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking harms your health in more ways than one. Smokers often struggle with poor energy levels, and continuing this will negatively impact your energy levels.

Smoking often leads to insomnia, which can siphon off your energy source and overstimulate your brain activity to keep you awake. Even if you fall asleep, it's not uncommon for you to wake up craving nicotine. Overall, the sooner you start quitting smoking, the better your energy levels and overall health.

Minimize Processed Food

Processed foods (fake food), such as those high in added salt, sugar, fats, and chemical additives, will harm your energy levels and make it challenging to feel alert and productive. Eating too much processed foods can make you feel exhausted.

These foods give you a brief energy rush, soon followed by a significant crash as your blood sugar levels spike and drop drastically. Limiting processed foods to special occasions and treats can help you recover some of your lost energy.

Stay on Top of Your Vitamin Intake

Vitamins are essential to getting the nutrition we need when we are not getting it from healthy, natural whole foods. They can help increase our energy. Vitamin B12 is known for its energy-boosting properties and can help keep your blood cells healthy and your body active. Seeking out foods and supplements high in vitamin B12 can help you regain the energy needed to function.

Use Peppermint Essential Oil

If you experience periods of fatigue and need a quick energy boost, try peppermint essential oil and carry a small amount with you. Dabbing peppermint essential oil on your body and inhaling the invigorating scent will invoigorate your brain and stimulate energy. If you're a morning tea person, consider adding peppermint to your favorite cup of tea.

Stay Connected With Others

Staying close and connected with people in your life is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When you isolate yourself from connecting with others, you can experience exhaustion, poor mood, and emptiness. As you age, these symptoms become more prominent.

Staying connected with people you love will help you stay happy and energized. Social interaction is one of the best, most effective ways to boost your energy levels naturally. No matter how busy your week gets, try to carve out time to spend with the people you love in a social setting.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, boosting your energy levels and recharging with natural methods is essential to living your best life. Achieving a healthly energy level will keep you happy and healthy and allow you to be more productive in your daily activities.

If you are interested in finding out more about improving your health and well-being, consider our free, online wellness education program to learn more about adopting healthy lifestyle behaviors.

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