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10-Day Cleanse
Reneú, LipoMax, Fit to a Tea
by FirstFitness Nutrition

First Fitness 10-Day Cleanse with Probiotics dietary supplement First Fitness 10-Day Cleanse with Probiotics dietary supplement

Retail Price: $73.95

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10-Day Cleanse with Probiotics   

10-Day Cleanse with Probiotics
First Fitness 10-Day Cleanse with Probiotics dietary supplement

FirstFitness Nutrition 10-Day Cleanse

Options: Reneú, LipoMax, Fit to a Tea
Weight: 8.2 oz
SKU: 5082   

Simple 10-Day Whole Body Cleanse with Probiotics*

Provides 3 dietary supplements to help cleanse your body of toxins, parasites, and the harmful substances that build up in your system over time.*

SKU: 5082   Weight: 8.2 oz
Gluten Free  Pack  
10-Day Cleanse with Probiotics   

10-Day Cleanse with Probiotics
First Fitness 10-Day Cleanse with Probiotics dietary supplement

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    Product Reviews*

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    rating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star icon on July 26, 2022
    - Verified Purchase
    10-day Cleanse works fantastic. 10 out of 10


    rating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star icon on March 19, 2022
    - Verified Purchase
    When I tell you this product is nothing but the truth I lost 22 pounds taking it eating right and exercising about 30 minutes a day I fill the best I'll belt in years so if you have not already gotten it you should
    rating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star icon on August 8, 2020
    - Verified Purchase
    Good experience! Would recommend it. Help me lose weight, also helped with bloating,
  • Description*
    play video icon  FirstFitness Nutrition - Cleanse & Detox Products Overview clock icon1:34 play video icon  Cleanse & Detox Products Overview

    The Necessities of Healthy Living

    Healthy living, while it seems intuitive to some, also seems like a lofty aspiration to many. Today's world is so centered around convenience, and this comes at the detriment of many wellness essentials, like whole, unprocessed foods, sufficient sleep, and exercise. Sometimes it can even feel like healthy living can become a second job, demanding too much of your time and energy to fully invest. However lofty the healthy lifestyle of your dreams appears, smaller steps and changes can be taken to develop the healthy habits necessary to succeed. Taking just a few steps toward better wellness can have drastic effects on your wellbeing and motivation to continue along your journey.

    The Monsters Under the Wellness Bed

    However, while steps can be taken to address the specific goals of your health journey, there are some factors to be considered that are ingrained in today's society and your wellness. Toxins are ever-present in our environments and lifestyles, from the air we breathe and the water we drink to the preservatives and toxins in our processed foods, common to the American diet. These toxins build up in our bodies and impede the absorption of vital nutrients in our often already nutrient-insufficient diets. Such effects of the buildup of toxins in the body include weight gain, constipation, fatigue, low energy, degenerative diseases, among many others. Keeping this in mind, when pursuing a healthy lifestyle of wellness, you must consider these immovable factors and how to combat them to reap more benefits from your other healthy endeavors.

    What's Included in 10-Day Cleanse

    10-Day Cleanse with Probiotics provides three products for a simple and effective 10-Day Cleanse: Reneú, LipoMax, and Fit to a Tea. This powerful combination synergistically helps to cleanse your body of toxins and the harmful substances that build up in your system. Upon completion of the 10-Day Cleanse, consumers have felt rejuvenated, energized, and an increased overall sense of wellbeing. We recommend using Reneú on a daily basis and doing a 10-Day Cleanse every three-four months to maintain your weight and a healthy, rejuvenated body.


    Reneú is a unique blend of botanical agents, probiotics, antifungal agents, and other natural ingredients designed to detoxify the body's intestinal system and colon by binding to toxins and removing them from the consumer's digestive tracts before they would go on to contaminate the rest of the body's systems. This helps to restore the intestinal flora, which is essential for wellness and healthy digestion. An advanced formula for the body that supports the cleansing and detoxification of the colon, Reneú helps optimize the absorption of food, vitamins, and minerals which can improve wellness and may enhance weight loss.


    LipoMax is a liver cleanse aimed at combating a congested and overwhelmed liver and can be effective in aiding the negative effects and providing relief for consumers. LipoMax may be effective in helping relieve symptoms of bloating, drowsiness, water retention, allergies, slow-moving bowels, and a slow metabolism. Additionally, LipoMax may help to increase intracellular level antioxidants to aid in the protection of liver cells. In support of the liver, LipoMax can also be helpful in aiding detoxification and neutralizing toxins, chemicals, and other harmful substances, making them harmless.

    Fit to a Tea

    Fit to a Tea! is an excellent blend of herbs and botanicals designed to help cleanse and detoxify your body. The goal of Fit to a Tea! is to aid digestive problems, bowel regularity, and constipation. It is a great-tasting, calorie-free tea that incorporates peppermint leaf, which can create soothing effects on your body from head to toe.* From cleansing and detoxifying to supporting bowel regularity and digestive issues, to potentially aiding your weight loss journey, Fit to a Tea! is an excellent choice and addition to your healthy lifestyle and wellness pursuit.

    Cleanse, Detoxify, Rejuvenate

    These quality additions to your wellness regime, Reneú, LipoMax, and Fit to a Tea!, work well synergistically to aid your health journey, with potential benefits of promoting healthy cell rejuvenation, reducing bloating, supporting weight loss, improving digestion, and helping to achieve overall whole-body wellness. This powerful and natural combination can help to detoxify your body of toxins and harmful substances that build up in your system and improve organ and system function and health. Natural side effects of the cleanse include increased urination and excretion, as the ingredients included include diuretics (which promote urination) and laxatives (which promote bowel movements), by which toxins and harmful substances will be removed by the body.

  • Features*
    • Promotes healthy elimination*
    • Reduces bloating*
    • Helps achieve whole body wellness*
    • Enhances weight loss*
  • Directions

    Directions are including within the program box.

  • Ingredients
    Nutrient/Ingredient Amount % Daily ValueDV 1

    Each Kit Contains:

    Reneú 40 vegetarian capsules
    LipoMax 60 vegetarian capsules
    Fit to a Tea! 30 tea bags
    1 The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advise.
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    The concept of a cleanse or detox can be a scary one for someone who's never done it before. Though most people think of stringent exercise routines and bland, boring soup diets, this is no longer the case. There are many ways to detoxify the body naturally and easily, bringing revitalization and healing. In this guide, you'll learn 9 ways to perform a natural body detox.

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    comment posted by icon Guest  comment posted timestamp icon 10/03/20 07:10 AM CDT  ban post icon 

    What happened to the Body Renewal 10-Day Cleanse? Is this the same product?

    comment posted by icon Admin  comment posted timestamp icon 10/04/20 07:17 AM CDT  ban post icon 

    Yes, this is the same product. FirstFitness Nutrition renamed the product in September of 2020 also updating the program box. It still includes the same three dietary supplements (Reneú, LipoMax, and Fit to a Tea) and directions for use.

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