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Immune Support Program
by NuMedica

Dietary Supplements

NuMedica Immune Support Program - professional dietary supplements NuMedica Immune Support Program - professional dietary supplements

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Immune Support Program   

Immune Support Program
NuMedica Immune Support Program - professional dietary supplements

NuMedica Immune Support Program

Options: Dietary Supplements
Weight: 20 oz
UPC: 812527015791   
SKU: NM579   

Powerful Support for a Healthy Immune System*

Daily supplement regiment for immune system support includes Immuno PRP Spray, D3-10,000 + K2, Liposomal Vitamin C, Zinc Glycinate, and Program Guide.*

SKU: NM579   UPC: 812527015791   Weight: 20 oz
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Immune Support Program   

Immune Support Program
NuMedica Immune Support Program - professional dietary supplements
  • Description*

    Boost Your Immune System with the Help of the NuMedica Immune Support Program

    The immune system functions to protect a human from bacteria and viruses. It does so by creating a barrier that prevents these pathogens from making their way into the body. In the event that one or more pathogens make it past this barrier, white blood cells are produced by the immune system along with other proteins and chemicals to destroy the invaders. The goal is to destroy the invader before it reproduces. In the event that it does not succeed in this goal, the immune system works hard to destroy the pathogens when they multiply. What happens when the immune system isn't working properly?

    A Failure of the Immune System

    There are times when the immune system fails to work correctly. For instance, it may rev up and begin attacking substances that truly aren't harmful to humans. Good examples of substances that can bring about this increase in immune system activity include pet dander and pollen. The individual then has what is known as an allergic reaction with the accompanying systems.1

    Certain things can bring about a breakdown in the immune system. A lack of sleep, a poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and ongoing stress all tax the immune system. This puts the individual at more risk of an illness or disease. How can this be prevented?

    Building a Healthy Immune System

    Humans can do certain things to boost their immune system. Get plenty of exercise to stimulate the immune system. Even a brisk walk three times a week will be of help in achieving this goal. Exercise is also of help in reducing a person's stress level, as the physical activity releases endorphins that have a positive impact on the brain.2

    A healthy diet is critical to the optimal functioning of the immune system. Obesity has been linked to several medical conditions that do harm to the immune system, and germs love sugar. Eat lots of colorful foods, such as oranges and spinach, as they help increase your resistance to infection. Fresh garlic provides antibiotic and antiviral properties, while mushrooms help the body produce chemicals that the body uses to fight off infection.

    Insomnia increases your risk of infection. The body needs sleep to heal itself. Furthermore, a good night's rest reduces oxidative stress. This is of great help in keeping the cells strong and healthy.

    Reduce stress in your life to boost your immune system. Heart disease and hypertension have been linked to chronic stress. In addition, a person who is constantly under a great deal of stress will probably suffer from more illnesses. One way to reduce stress is to strengthen the relationships in your life. This will also provide the immune system with some much-needed support.

    Don't overlook the role certain substances play in the functioning of the immune system. While moderate alcohol consumption can help reduce a person's risk of heart disease, moderation is key. Overconsumption of alcohol interferes with the white blood cells' ability to function as intended. This lowers the person's resistance to infection. Recreational drugs likewise weaken the immune system.3

    Even those who take all the steps listed above may find that their immune system isn't functioning at the optimal level. Fortunately, there are supplements a person may take to help the system function properly. The NuMedica Immune Support Program is a good example of a program that helps individuals improve the functioning of their immune system.

    The NuMedica Immune Support Program

    The NuMedica Immune Support Program is designed to boost the immune system. It contains four components that work together to achieve this goal.

    NuMedica Immuno PRP Spray

    NuMedica Immuno PRP Spray 28 servings professional-grade supplement
    Immuno PRP
    Spray - 28 svgs

    Immuno PRP Spray is a product consisting of polypeptides naturally extracted from bovine colostrum. The spray supports the immune system, healthy cognitive function, and the body's response to allergens. In addition, it promotes the production and balancing of cytokine. With use of the spray, men and women find their normal immune responses are modulated.

    What is a PRP? A proline-rich polypeptide is a tiny protein that carries proteins throughout the body adapting as it does so. For instance, when a person is under a great deal of physical stress, the polypeptides stimulate the production of cytokines to enhance activity within the immune system. On the other hand, when the immune system mounts a response to an environmental factor and increases cytokine production, the proteins send a signal to certain cell receptor sites to slow cytokine production to ensure the proper balance of the immune system.

    NuMedica D3-10,000 + K2

    NuMedica D3-10,000 with K2 60 softgel professional-grade supplement
    D3-10,000 + K2 - 60 sfgl

    Vitamin D with K2 is helpful in the human body. In many cases, the man or woman obtains this vitamin when exposed to the sun. Sunlight encourages the production of vitamin D in the body. However, certain individuals find they need to take a vitamin D supplement. They may require this additional supplementation as they have dark skin, or another element that affects the amount of sun they get on a regular basis.4

    Studies show vitamin D can be of help in reducing a person's risk of multiple sclerosis, heart disease, or the flu. Additionally, researchers believe the vitamin can help individuals ward off depression. Those who are already depressed often find their symptoms improve when they begin taking this vitamin. In fact, patients suffering from fibromyalgia should take vitamin D supplements, as those who have this vitamin deficiency tend to experience depression and anxiety.5

    Obesity remains a problem in this country. If you are trying to lose weight, consider adding this vitamin D solution to your weight loss program. A study was conducted which found that men and women who took a vitamin D and calcium supplement every day lost more weight than their counterparts who were given a placebo. According to the scientists conducting this study, vitamin D and calcium suppress the appetite.6

    NuMedica Liposomal Vitamin C

    NuMedica Liposomal Vitamin C 30 servings professional-grade supplement
    Vitamin C - 30 svgs

    Individuals the world over take Vitamin C on a daily basis for its immune system support and its antioxidants. This vitamin helps to ensure white blood cells within the body function as nature intended. However, the body must absorb this vitamin to obtain these benefits. That's where Liposomal Vitamin C comes in.

    What makes this product different from vitamin C tablets that many use is the advanced nutrient absorption technology included in the product. With the help of this technology, users obtain the full benefits of the vitamin. It is delivered via phosphatidylcholine liposomes. This ensures bioavailability and absorption increase and the body gets more from the vitamin being taken.

    NuMedica Zinc Glycinate

    NuMedica Zinc Glycinate 120 vegetable capsules professional-grade supplement
    Zinc Glycinate - 120 vc

    Zinc Glycinate has a powerful effect on the user's immune system. It offers a lot of benefits in various functions. It can help aid in the betterment of one's reproduction organs and immunities. This particular product absorbs quickly and doesn't go through the ionization process. The body thinks it has already been processed, making the vitamin far less diluted, ready to do its job immediately.

    Infectious viruses reduce the immune system's ability to function properly. This includes common ones like influenza and the common cold, but may also be of help against the latest threat of coronavirus. As this virus is so new only time will tell if this is the case. Zinc is of great help in fighting infectious threats and other foreign invaders that could have a negative impact on your health.

    Program Guide

    book page illustrating a program guide

    The Immune Support Program contains a program guide that includes:

    • Tips for Staying Healthy recommended by the World Health Organization
    • Schedule and directions for taking the included NuMedica supplements

    If you frequently get infections or are worried about new viruses that have cropped up, it's time to try the Numedica Immune Support Program. This program offers numerous benefits to boost your health and improve your quality of life. Check it out today. Once you see how your health improves, you'll want to share this program with everyone you know so they can see how amazing it is too.

  • Directions

    The Immune Support Program contains a program guide that includes:

    • Tips for Staying Healthy recommended by the World Health Organization
    • Schedule and directions for taking the included NuMedica supplements
  • Ingredients
    Nutrient/Ingredient Amount % Daily ValueDV 1

    Each Program Contains:

    Immuno PRP™ Spray, 2.5 fl oz 1
    D3-10,000 + K2, 60c (softgel) 1
    Liposomal Vitamin C, 5 fl. oz 1
    Zinc Glycinate, 120c (vegetable capsule) 1
    Program Guide 1
    1 The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advise.
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