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medical provider holding a clipboard that reads inflammation

Inflammation occurs when your body activates your immune system by sending out inflammatory cells to attack bacteria or viruses, or to heal damaged tissue. Sometimes, your body may send out these inflammatory cells unnecessarily when you are healthy. This is called chronic inflammation.

Disease  Nutrition  
a chef in a hat with gears turning depicting thinking

Advanced Glycation End Products accumulate naturally throughout your lifetime and are created through cooking certain foods at high temperatures. They are made when protein or fat combine with sugar in the bloodstream in a process called glycation. AGEs can also form within foods during grilling, frying, or toasting.

Cooking  Disease  Nutrition  
two people facing opposite directions in thought with a boundary between them

Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries within your relationships is becoming a bigger and bigger topic today within families and with mental health and relationship experts. While it may not necessarily be the cure-all to any of your relationship problems, having healthy boundaries with the people in your life is more of a side effect of good self esteem and reasonable expectations of those around you.

woman washing her hands over a bowl

Since the mid 1800s, we've had an understanding of the role that germs play in our health and our lives. It was French chemist Louis Pasteur who developed modern germ theory and theorized that bacteria causes infection and disease. Now, almost 200 years later we have a more sophisticated understanding of how to protect our health and prevent illness using a wide array of hygiene practices.

scrabble blocks laid out to spell common sense

Healthy living requires you to make healthy choices on a daily basis, but this takes commitment and discipline. Some people value the benefit of nutrition and exercise, but others have trouble prioritizing it into their busy schedules.

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a journal, pen, and cup of coffee for writing down your thoughts

About 1 in every 6 people are active journalers. Journaling, even if you only do it once per week or even once per month, can be incredibly beneficial. The hardest part is getting started.

But why would you want to start a journal? We're here to talk all about the benefits of journaling, as well as a few tips for how you can start your journaling practice.

Balanced Living  Encouragement  Mental Health  Motivation  Personal Growth  Spiritual  Tradition  
young woman looking at phone monitoring trends

With each new year comes innovations in healthcare. Here are some for 2023 you might want to consider and see how they may fit into your wellness lifestyle.

Mental Health  Nutrition  Technology  
assorted healthy takeout foods

We don't always have the option to prepare meals at home, whether it's due to being busy with life's other responsibilities, health conditions that cause fatigue, or situations that make packing a lunch unfeasible.

Takeout was made for these occasions, as well as times when you just want to try something other than your own cooking. No matter how many tries go into recreating a restaurant favorite at home, it rarely tastes quite the same.

glutathione supplement capsules

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that supports several important bodily functions. Learn more about implementing it into your health routine.

black woman relaxing reading a book in her bathtub

Self-care is a term you probably see in plenty of headlines, but often, it seems like one of many health and fitness-related buzzwords. The way that this term is included in the content you scroll past can make it easy to ignore, but self-care as a practice should be an important element of your life.

Balanced Living  Encouragement  Exercise  Family  Mental Health  Nutrition  Personal Growth  Sleep  Spiritual  Work  
two monkeys grooming each other depicting a healthy relationship

Let's look into the components of healthy relationships, the benefits of having them, the impact of isolation on human health, and how you can take steps to create and keep healthy relationships with others.

Encouragement  Family  Personal Growth  
lightbulb held up to a sunset depicting fading energy

Having more energy is simple once you know the causes of low energy and some straightforward solutions to combat low energy levels. This article will explain what you should know about poor energy levels and how to naturally boost them to reach healthy new levels.

Exercise  Hydration  Nutrition  Sleep  Stress  Supplements  
illustration of human anatomy from a 360 degree perspective

Maybe you've heard a lot about metabolic health, and you're looking for ways to improve your own. On the other hand, perhaps you've never heard of the term, and you're just beginning your journey into health and wellness. Maybe you're somewhere in the middle. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, this article will help you understand your metabolism, metabolic health, and why it is essential to care for.

a bunch of ripened banana peels

When people eat bananas they often discard the peels without a second thought. But what if there was a way to use those banana peels to get the most out of your banana?

senior woman with fitness trainer doing core exercises

Ever complained of your lower back hurting? How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought you needed a better workout routine to burn the tummy fat that seems to be taking over?

Learn how core exercises can help.

depictions of problems, worry causing stress

Most people have experienced significant increases in stress over the past few years as a result of the pandemic, global and USA economic decline, and political division.

Read on to learn 5 simple ways to reduce stress.

cell phone screen with message time for action

For many people, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can seem like a challenging goal. Sometimes, the best way to achieve something is to break it down into small, practical steps. Your health is no different.

Exercise  Nutrition  Sleep  

Changing our eating habits is one of the most challenging parts of getting and staying fit, healthy, and happy. Many Americans struggle with unhealthy eating habits, regularly indulging in processed, fast, and convenient foods. However, no matter how much we eat, we are not getting the nourishment we need from these foods.

woman in a fitness gym sitting on a box used for exercises

Being able to squat or benchpress hundreds of pounds will always be impressive, but it's not the most useful skill in everyday life. This is why people need to consider functional fitness. But what is functional fitness really?

Keep reading to find out what the benefits of functional fitness are and whether you should incorporate it into your weekly workout routine.

compass with the needle pointing toward the word exercise

Understanding the benefits of exercising can help motivate you to start working out more. Want to know more about how exercise can improve your life?

Then read on to find out ten amazing fitness facts that will get you moving!


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