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This blog covers a wide range of topics including tips on healthy eating, managing stress, spiritual support, better sleep and relationship advice. The posts come from real-life experience and can help you maintain a proper perspective.

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Cruciferous vegetables and dietary supplements for healthy living

Take control of your health by eating more clean, whole foods and taking high-quality supplements. Learn more about how to effectively use supplements to complement your diet.

Nutrition  Supplements  
quality level dial from low to high

Many consumers believe that supplements and vitamins fall into a single category of efficiency. After all, if you go to the local store and look at two bottles of the same supplement they probably have the same ingredients listed on them. What more could be involved?


In April 2019 NuMedica introduced four new professional supplement kits optimized for Immune, Adipose, Cardiovascular, and Glycemic support.

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elderly woman uses NuMedica supplements regularly

"Mom do you remember" my son would say and then go on to describe some past event. I had to say no to most of the events. That really bothered me ...

Disease  Encouragement  Family  Nutrition  Supplements  
little boy with cold blowing nose into tissue

It's the holiday season! In this time of joy and cheer, relatives are coming to town, rooms need to be cleaned, and tables need to be filled. The children make their wish lists for Santa and eagerly anticipate Christmas morning for their well-deserved gifts. However, for the parents, more dreaded than coal may be a sudden cold or flu in the household.

Disease  Family  Holidays  
mother cooking healthy food with young son and daughter

Think back to the time of your great-grandparents. What types of food did people eat back then? For the most part they ate what they could grow on their land or what they got locally from a Farmer's market or some other community-based food supply. So what happened to our food? Why are so many of us sick, overweight and tired?

Disease  Nutrition  Supplements  
large wooden Trojan Horse

Many factors are involved in how efficiently a supplement gets absorbed into the body where it is intended to go. Scientific research has shown that many tablet, capsule and liquid vitamins and supplements have an average bio-availability and absorption rate of only 5-20%. Liposomes are purported to increase the bioavailability and absorption rate by up to 80% in some cases.

Learn more about NuMedica's new line of advanced liposomal professional-grade supplements.

Nutrition  Supplements  
an aged woman stretches outdoors

Time to get physical! Your body needs to move, even if it's just a little bit! Learn more in part seven of this blog series entitled Seven Tips For Balanced Living.

Blog Post Series  Exercise  
sleeping brain cartoon

Sleep is a biological requirement. Take some time to get to bed on time this week! Learn more in part six of this blog series entitled Seven Tips For Balanced Living.

Blog Post Series  Sleep  
a boy without manners sits at the table with his sister

Here's one simple step that will help you feel better after eating! Learn more in part five of this blog series entitled Seven Tips For Balanced Living.

Blog Post Series  Cooking  Family  Tradition  
a young couple breathing outside

One of the best ways to exercise is through breathing! Learn more in part four of this blog series entitled Seven Tips For Balanced Living.

Blog Post Series  Exercise  Sleep  Spiritual  Stress  
a woman holds arms out in field

Manage your eating habits. Learn more in part three of this blog series entitled Seven Tips For Balanced Living.

Blog Post Series  Disease  Nutrition  
a car engine is isolated on a white background

Think about the definition of Supplements. It means that they supplement for a lack of something. Learn more in part two of this blog series entitled Seven Tips For Balanced Living.

Blog Post Series  Nutrition  Supplements  
man with hand on heart telling truth

Learn how to track your eating and find the best foods for yourself in this blog series entitled Seven Tips To Balanced Living.

Blog Post Series  Nutrition  
a checklist of diet foods

Struggling with bad foods? Here's how to beat the temptation!

New Years Resolutions Calendar

Do you have a weight loss goal? How are you planning for it? Without a plan, you will almost certainly fail.

Disease  Encouragement  Motivation  Supplements  Weight Loss  
logo from Mom Colored Glasses online magazine

This week I had the opportunity to share a bit of my story in the online magazine Mom Colored Glasses1. It's what I've learned in a nutshell through overcoming chronic illness over the last 5 years or so. The Magazine has lots of great and interesting topics that I'm sure many of my readers will enjoy and I highly recommend it to all of you.

Disease  Encouragement  Family  Motivation  Personal Growth  Spiritual  
Aged woman Sleeping Peacefully

Did you know one of the best ways you can overcome sleep issues is by changing your evening habits?

Sleep  Stress  Supplements  

Stress is the ultimate diet killer and can make us hold onto the weight.

Blog Post Series  Encouragement  Stress  Supplements  Weight Loss  
illustration of an aqua-colored puffer fish

What role does inflammation play in difficulty with weight loss? This second post of a three-part blog series examines the three main reasons "dieting" fails.

Blog Post Series  Nutrition  Supplements  Supplements  Weight Loss  

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