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This blog covers a wide range of Wellness topics including tips on healthy eating and cooking, managing stress, exercise and movement, better sleep, family and relationships, spiritual health, supplements, and other health-related lifestyle topics. The posts come from real-life experience and can help you maintain a proper perspective. We hope you find them encouraging and helpful as you progress along your personal Wellness journey.

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doctor holding a sign that says chronic disease
  Jay Todtenbier     02/22/21    

Everyone has likely heard of chronic diseases. But few people know just how prevalent they are. They have been on the rise for several generations and are seriously impacting our health, finances, and productivity.

Disease  Exercise  Financial  Nutrition  Sleep  Stress  
healthy assortment of whole foods arrayed in a salad bowl
  Jay Todtenbier     02/18/21    

Why is maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle so tricky? What everyday factors are hindering our progress in eating well every day? We will break down the reasons your diet may be failing you and what you can do about it.

Global Economy Concept with Sphere Globe and Stacked Coins
  Jay Todtenbier     02/12/21    

The use of the term wellness has been growing exponentially over the past decade, but what does it mean? What is the definition of the wellness economy? Why is the global wellness industry worth US$4.5 trillion?

attractive woman sleeping comfortably
  Jay Todtenbier     02/02/21    

You may know that energy burns fat. Being active and eating right helps guide our metabolism towards weight loss. A factor we don't often consider, however, is that your body is also able to burn fat while you sleep. For many, it may sound too good to be true. And you may be thinking that you already get decent sleep, so why am I not losing weight? Though you can't depend on sleep for an overall weight-loss plan, there are tips and tricks that will support healthy sleep patterns and in turn, additional weight loss. 

Sleep  Weight Loss  
pescatarian diet plan ingredients, healthy balanced grocery food, fresh fruit, berries, fish and shellfish clams
  Jay Todtenbier     01/30/21    

No one knows your nutritional needs better than you do. Learning to be the healthiest version of yourself means finding a diet that makes you feel good - energized, refreshed, and happy. If you are considering changing your diet to lose weight, get healthier, or prevent chronic disease there are lots of options to choose from. Two of the most popular, easy-to-follow diet choices are the vegetarian diet and the pescatarian diet.

cup of matcha green tea
  Jay Todtenbier     01/25/21    

Coffee shops all over the country are adding matcha tea to their menus. In some areas, you can even find matcha tea cafes. But there's more to matcha than lattes. You can even find matcha in baked goods, smoothies, and in supplement form. Why are people going crazy over this bright green powder?

Detoxification  Nutrition  Supplements  Weight Loss  
functional medicine healthcare provider consulting with a client
  Jay Todtenbier     01/20/21    

The human body is an incredibly complex system and we have come so far in how we understand what it does. There are numerous ways of thinking, ideologies, and theories that have merged from the medical field. Just as different as those theories, what is even more different is each person's need when it comes to health and wellness. There is no one size fits all approach. That's where functional medicine comes into play. Read on to learn everything you need to know about functional medicine so you can make the best decision for your health!

items in wellness plan including healthy foods, exercise equipments, water, and others
  Jay Todtenbier     01/11/21    

Our bodies are made up of countless different interconnected parts that are constantly interacting with one another. For optimal health, there are a long list of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that our bodies need to function properly. How can you ensure that you are getting everything you need to be a healthy and happy person? Let's take a look at how to incorporate Vitamin D, Zinc, and Vitamin C into your wellness plan.

whole foods vegetables on display
  Jay Todtenbier     01/04/21    

How many times have you jumped on-board the diet train with high hopes of weight loss and improved health, only to discover limited food choices, difficulty staying on-track, and few measurable health benefits? Diet fads come and go, but one - the whole foods, plant-based diet (WFPB)- isn't a fad.

Mother and baby in home office with laptop
  Jay Todtenbier     12/29/20    

With the onset of COVID-19, changes to the political landscape, and the uncertainty these have brought into nearly all aspects of our lives, many individuals and families are seeking to have more choice and control over their health, finances, work environment, and time. This presents an opportunity to take a look at home-based businesses.

FirstFitness Nutrition provides an opportunity to change your life physically and financially earning part-time to full-time income promoting their line of Wellness products from the comfort of your home.

Encouragement  Family  Financial  Motivation  Personal Growth  Work  
mother working at home on computer with baby
  Jay Todtenbier     12/24/20    

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that we have been living our lives this year.  Time Magazine has declared 2020 to be "The Worst Year Ever". Much of the world has moved to live life mostly indoors as social distancing has affected everyone to some degree.

Cooking  Encouragement  Exercise  Family  Financial  Holidays  Motivation  Nutrition  Stress  Technology  Work  
modern gym interior with fitness equipment
  Jay Todtenbier     12/23/20    

Did you know that, according to a national study that analyzed over 4.9 million health clubs, only 0.0023% tested positive for COVID-19? Gyms are doing all they can to keep their gym members safe, and this statistic proves it.

a woman's belly with hands depicting a colon cleanse
  Jay Todtenbier     12/19/20    

These days, more people are looking for ways to stay healthy. Most of us have heard about detoxes and cleanses. We see them advertised on the internet and TV, and likely each of us has a friend that swears by their success.  So, what are they and how do they differ?

Detoxification  Sleep  Supplements  
healthy and unhealthy foods on four forks show a continuum from healthy to unhealthy depicting the standard American diet
  Jay Todtenbier     12/17/20    

How aware are you of what's going into your body? Are you eating to live or living to eat? In reality, we all have different nutritional needs, but the standard American diet (SAD) doesn't suit most of them (or most people, for that matter). Your diet might be making you sick, sluggish, and at-risk.

Disease  Nutrition  
open door that reads Better Quality of Life!
  Jay Todtenbier     12/08/20    

Our sense of wellbeing depends on a host of factors ranging from our state of health to the level of fulfillment we experience in relationships and in intellectual, spiritual, and occupational pursuits. In short, by seeking to live better, we increase our chances of a happier, healthier life.

Disease  Encouragement  Exercise  Exercise  Family  Hydration  Nutrition  Sleep  Spiritual  
shopping cart with cardboard boxes sitting on a computer keyboard for e-commerce shopping
  Jay Todtenbier     12/07/20    

Working at home begins with wellness at home. If you once had an office job, you probably thought that getting home and being at home were at-home wellness activities in and of themselves.

Blog Post Series  Cooking  Nutrition  Technology  
child and her grandmother gardening at home
  Jay Todtenbier     12/06/20    

Healthy entertainment at home is important to our happiness and wellbeing, especially when we are spending more time there than normal. Consider these ideas for fun and entertaining activities you can do at home.

Blog Post Series  Cooking  Exercise  Family  Technology  
e-learning depicting methods and options for getting education on the internet
  Jay Todtenbier     12/05/20    

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 93% of households with school-age children were participating in some form of distance learning. This means that the way the children are being educated has dramatically shifted. Let's take a look at how you and your children can be learning from home while also maintaining mental and physical wellness.

Blog Post Series  Motivation  Personal Growth  Technology  
  Jay Todtenbier     11/30/20    

With more people working from home than ever before, consider these tips for integrating work into your home-life in a healthier way.

Blog Post Series  Motivation  Personal Growth  Work  
senior woman performing stretching exercise at home
  Jay Todtenbier     11/24/20    

Physical activity is a great way to facilitate better health and reduce stress. While we are spending more time at home, consider these suggestions to alter activities you are likely already doing, to provide more movement in your daily routines.

Blog Post Series  Exercise  

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