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Powering Up, How Do You Charge?

  blog post author icon   blog post published date icon   03/14/22


If energy is energy, then why can't we spark the fire and channel it through some cord into our brains? Not all energy is the same. Learn more about the role of mitochondria and CoQ10 in maintaining your body's energy level.

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    Where does the energy we use come from and how do we use it?

    Each cog in a machine does not connect in the same way. Eggs from a bird are going to taste very different to eggs from a reptile. Energy also cannot be created, only converted or transferred.

    The circle of life, the sun powers the plants who power the animals and us. We consume vitamins and nutrients to process. Those then act as fuel for the body to function, but what's powering those organs, tissues, acids, and cells? Each cell has its version of its brain to control its role and actions amongst other cells. Where did they begin?

    Cellular Birth

    Our first cells did not eat the way we do as developed humans. We had energy born to us from our parents. Their bodies follow much of the same patterns of function as we experience in our own. When we reach that uncomfortable age that our bodies attempt to reproduce, they form special cells that attempt to multiply themselves. These cells will grow and merge with varying levels of success or failure depending on the journey we take it on.


    Mitochondria are the generators that direct energy around the cells to keep them alive and active. They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week for us until they die off or re-home themselves with fresher young cells. Like how the post office controls the flow of goods and information through a community, these powerhouses analyze what you've got going on and direct energies where it decides they'll be most useful.

    Mitochondrial Recharge may be helpful in protecting healthy mitochondria from toxins and instability. This protection allows a more productive route for energy to flow, which could lessen fatigue and speed up immunities or healing.


    CoQ10 is just another word, or abbreviation, for energy. Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring nutrient. Acting as an antioxidant, it protects cells from getting damaged and keeps them running to their full potential.

    When our cars are running low on gas, they don't function quite the way they need to and risk burning out. We also must be careful not to give it something new it doesn't know how to work with or overfill it, risking a reaction with something else in the environment.

    Potential Form Methods

    Increasing our intake of CoQ10, while already found naturally in the body of cells and foods we're supposed to regularly consume, is believed to be beneficial for our minds, nerves, blood and heart health. Its popularity has led to many concentration methods becoming available. From chewy capsules to syrups and IV, everybody has its preferred method and form. When it's found oxidized, it's called Ubiquinone, and when it's found reduced, it's called Ubiquinol. When either of these forms is used in the body, they cycle into each other. Ubiquinol will become Ubiquinone and vise-versa.

    • Casually regarded as the least effective, even ironic, form would be the consolidated Crystal Tablet method. Not because it is too potent or processed out, but because crystals are rocks. Unfortunately, if we eat any rocks, they're going to come back out or sharply and heavily collect somewhere they don't belong.
    • Soft Gels follow the commonly logical route, joining food in the gut and being digested alongside a variety of other nutrients and vitamins.
    • Getting CoQ10 delivered through an IV may be the fastest method but should hopefully not be necessary unless deemed so and performed by medical professionals who would be capable of accessing it for you.
    • Liposomal Liquid methods have been developed and studied to streamline the consumption to utility process similar to soft gels by bypassing the need for digestion. This unique formula uses the same cellular membrane shell as the ones it will meet to join and deliver the enclosed CoQ10 molecule(s) directly to the mitochondria for further directions.
    • While it is found naturally in the plants and animals we eat, simply eating more will not do much to help when a problem arises. It would take roughly 5 pounds of grass-fed beef, un-tainted by additional hormones, in a single equaling a substantial enough amount of CoQ10. Then all that energy doesn't have anywhere to go besides relieving pressures of the food-coma sure to follow.

    How does this affect our bodies as we age?

    Because everything in our bodies is made of cells and those cells need the energy to make everything function, it isn't much of a stretch to connect age-related problems with mitochondria and the energies it's working with. A decrease in access to processing proper energies, on top of natural wear and tear, means fewer mitochondria replacing overworked or unhealthy cells dying off. To simply stop producing enough mitochondria to handle the workload means less energy being sent around to help functions.

    The cycle repeats and depletes.

    From Puberty to Infertility, a Domino Effect Example:

    • Cells being created, then later flushed by either set of parts, will respond at different rates depending on their stimulation from energies.
    • This then controls the hormone balances, which will strongly affect the menstruation cycle.
    • When hormones are in-balance but are told to continue acting at a steady or increased pace, they can influence mood, stress, acne, and everything else that comes with puberty as the body tries to find its new normal.
    • If one day an egg and sperm mingle from the recurring cycle, then a new system building another collection of cells begins; unbalancing the hormones of the mother in a new way.
    • Either of the cells making up an egg or sperm lacking in energy or mitochondrial strength can lead to miscarriage or other complications.
    • As time passes or complications arise, the mitochondria may deem waiting and cycling for this new fusion of cells to be a waste of energy.
    • Next, the organs will be told to set a new course, and a new hormone imbalance, to stop sending potentially depleted energy where it will no longer be needed and become infertile.

    Eye strength, muscle definition, bone health, skin elasticity, and more. With less energy for our bodies to access and transform, the less vibrant and active our bodies work for us. If we let the rust collect under the hood and the fuel settles into going stale, then our cars will not be functioning all that well down the road.

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Dana Cronin health and wellness writer

Dana Cronin is a recent computer programming graduate with backgrounds in business development, mathematics and graphic design. Mom of two chihuahuas that keep her on her toes she joined the team in early 2022. Struggles with depression and ADHD in a neurodivergent mind have become strengths in her core tool-belt and motivators instead of chains to the past. Growing up on a small horse farm and moving to a variety of city environments as a young adult, Dana is taking her passions for writing and problem-analysis to channel into asking the right questions in ways others can connect to.

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