Chocolate Almond Delightful | Recipe

Chocolate Almond Delightful

Breakfast  Snack  
Raw  Vegetarian  Gluten Free  Nut Free  

Chocolate, almonds, what more needs to be said?

If you love a chocolate almond candy bar combination, you HAVE to try this. It's healthy, it's tasty, and it's nutritious.

Serves: 2

Time (Minutes)
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Blend all ingredients until well blended. Pour into glass and enjoy.

Recipe Classifications
Meal Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner   Appetizer   Snack
Type Condiment   Dessert   Drink   Main Dish   Salad   Salad Dressing   Side Dish   Spread & Sauce   Soup
Diet Raw   Vegan   Vegetarian
Food Sensitivity Dairy Free   Gluten Free   Nut Free   Soy Free
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 Dee  07/26/16 01:18 PM CDT   

So what is PRP ( I think it is a protein drink also what is MCT oil and Chocolate Vegan Powder (is that another kind of shake mix or what)? I am trying so hard to lose weight. I am on antidepressants, sleep meds, fibromyalgia meds (lyrica), Flexril and Klonopin. So can I use the Slimfit Proteins with these meds? I need to lose around 40 lbs. this year or by early next year. I just want to feel good and try to wean off some of these meds, but I will only do that with my Doctor's help and advice. Got any thoughts or suggestions on my situation? Dee Aguilar

 Jay    07/27/16 08:47 AM CDT   

Thanks for the great questions Dee. PRP is proline-rich polypeptides found in colostrum that enhance our digestive health, boost and balance our immune system responses. Colostrum and PRPs have many health benefits particularly for improving Gut Health, which is where 80% of our immune system lives. MCT Oil provides healthy fats to improve metabolism, increase energy, and promote weight loss. Total Vegan Protein is a plant-based vegan protein with 24g protein and only 6 carbs per serving. Each of these supplements are effective for promoting general health and weight loss. The SlimFit Proteins are also high-quality using Whey protein instead of Vegan protein.

We encourage you to take advantage of the free Your Best Weight online program that is included in your Member Account. It has four very good modules of content that address key aspects of Weight Loss including: Hydration, Sleep, Stress and of course Food while also discussing and recommending NuMedica supplements. For those that do not already have a Member Account on our website, you can register for one quickly and easily and get instant access to the online weight loss program and savings on purchases in our online store.

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