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  • 1. 2019 NuMedica Pricing Adjustment

    At the beginning of each year NuMedica adjusts their prices for the ensuing year. All NuMedica practitioners are required to adjust the prices on their website accordingly.

    The 2019 Price List shows the same pricing on 64 of the formulas, a reduction of price on 30 formulas and an increase of price on 107 formulas.

    These new prices go into effect on Wednesday, January 2, 2019.

    NuMedica® never implements arbitrary, across-the-board, price increases on every formula as many companies do. Instead we aggressively negotiate prices on every ingredient to keep costs down as much as possible. In addition, our continued growth has enabled us to sometimes negotiate lower raw material pricing and manufacturing costs. As you can see from the attached 2019 pricing adjustment, we have been able to keep the same prices or even decrease pricing on 94 of our 201 formulas.

    However, certain factors are beyond our control such as when our high quality raw ingredient costs go up. These increases make it necessary to adjust some formula prices to continue to provide them to you. NuMedica® will never compromise by substituting cheaper, less effective ingredients just to maintain pricing. We have carefully analyzed the prices of each formula to determine where we can lower prices, maintain prices or where we need to make a price increase.

  • 2. Authorized Healthcare Providers

    NuMedica may be promoted and sold on the internet ONLY by Authorized Healthcare Providers who have been approved by NuMedica and have registered their website domain. NuMedica strictly prohibits, and actively monitors, the UNAUTHORIZED SALE of NuMedica supplements in online public shopping portals including Amazon, eBay, and others.

    NuMedica supplements purchased in are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and CANNOT BE RESOLD to others. Please report violations of NuMedica's Provider Policy to NuMedica at 800.869.8100.

  • 1. Shipping

    You may choose from the shipping options below on the Order Checkout form. Some International orders may cost more to ship depending upon weight and location. If that happens we will contact you first and get your approval for any additional charge before proceeding.

    Country Option Schedule Cost
    United States Standard 3-5 Days $3.95
    United States Priority 2-3 Days $7.95
    United States Free 5-8 Days $0.00
    Canada Standard 7-12 Days $12.95
    International Small: less than 2 lbs 10-21 Days $21.95
    International Medium: 2-4 lbs 10-21 Days $39.95
    International Large: over 4 lbs 10-21 Days $59.95

    When your order ships we will send you a confirmation email with the delivery tracking information. Most orders are shipped USPS, UPS or Federal Express. Delivery times vary from two to five or more business days based upon option chosen, delivery location and sometimes weather and seasonal issues.

  • 2. Returns & Refunds

    If we have made a mistake on your order, or the product arrives in a damaged or unusable condition, we will make every reasonable attempt to right the situation quickly to your satisfaction.

    We accept returns subject to the condition the product is returned in. All cancellations and returns must first be authorized by contacting us by email or calling us at (888) 424-0032. In your request, please let us know the reason for your cancellation or return. We will respond promptly with authorization, the return address and a return postage label if appropriate.

    If your order has not been shipped yet, you can request a cancellation. Your original purchase amount will be refunded within three business days.

    If your order has already shipped you can return any un-opened products for a 100% refund and opened products for a 50% refund within 30 days of receiving your order. Un-opened means the protective seal on the bottle or container, or the shrink-wrap on the box or kit, has not been broken and the product has not otherwise been damaged in any way. You may use the original packaging for return or acquire your own. The buyer pays the return postage unless we have made a mistake in which case we will provide you with a return postage label. Returned products should be insured for the price of the product and shipped to the return address provided in your return instructions, otherwise buyer assumes responsibility for lost or damaged goods caused by the carrier.

    Upon receipt of returned product(s), we will refund your credit card within three business days for the product(s) returned.

  • 3. Payment

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards. Payments are securely processed through industry leader of which is a Verified Merchant. We DO NOT retain or store your credit card information after the purchase. The charge will appear on your credit card statement as

  • 1. Seller Reviews

    Seller Reviews are from verified customers who purchased NuMedica supplements on The purchasing experience is described in terms of: Customer Service, Payment Methods, Pricing, Product Selection, Shipping and Technical/Website.

    Looking for Product Reviews that are about the specific NuMedica supplements?

  • 2. Product Reviews

    Product Reviews are from verified customers who purchased NuMedica supplements on They are intended to describe the quality and usefulness of the specific supplement i.e. "how is the supplement working for you?".

    Looking for Seller Reviews that describe the Customer's purchasing experience with

  • 1. What happens if I miss a day of supplements?

    If you miss a dose of supplements, you can take them when you remember or wait for the next time you would take them.

  • 2. What happens if my supplements expire?

    Expired supplements are safe. You may continue to finish what remains. NuMedica's supplements generally exceed the requirements on the label and are often effective up to two years past expiration.

  • 3. The supplements are making me have nausea; what can I do?

    Take supplements with food.

    Stop the supplements until symptoms resolve. Then, restart the supplements at a smaller dose or frequency.

    If you have several supplements, consider taking ONE supplement for a few days and then adding another.

    Taking supplements involves some trial and adjusting. Most people feel good taking the full therapeutic dose (usually the higher dose on the back of the bottle); a few people will need to space their supplements out over the course of the day; some will need to reduce the total daily dose. Very rarely, some people may not tolerate supplements well.

    An alternative to taking pills can be to use NuMedica's highly nutritious meal replacement shakes. Contact us to learn more.

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